System CPU RAM Disk OS Use
goon AMD K6-2 400MHz 32MB 4.3GB IDE Smoothwall-2.0 Gateway & Firewall
rufnek Dual Athlon 2.4GHz DDR 1000MB 80GB Ultra ATA/100 Slackware 10.1 Workstation
beast Celeron 533MHz 64MB 15GB UltraATA/66 & 40GB UltraATA/100 Slackware 8.0 File Server
trini Celeron 233MHz 32MB 2GB IDE Debian - Woody Experiment Box
grimy Pentium III 500MHz 128MB 12GB IDE Knoppix- Debian/Woody/Unstable Dell Laptop


Goon was initially going to be built with a Cyrix 6x86 CPU. However, the motherboard CPU socket locking lever was broken and the CPU dangled from the motherboard. Probably a good thing, Cyrix is a pretty crappy CPU. So, I replaced the board and CPU. I also had to replace the case, so that it would accomodate the new motherboard. It has been running for nearly one year without a re-boot. Gotta love it. It stays out of the way. I'm now using a very cool firewall solution, as I grew very tired of pruning huge Linux Distributions. Smoothwall will co-exist peacefully on a 1GB hard drive. Recently, replaced the 4.3GB hard drive, as it stopped working after the move. The smoothie is basically a scaled down RedHat distro.


Rufnek began its life as another AMD K6-2 CPU, with two hard drives. Years ago, I used to dual boot the machine for the sake of running Windoze apps. Dual booting became a major pain. Two years ago, I discovered VMWare Workstation. I purchased the software license after using the 30 day evaluation copy for several months. Occasionally, I'll need to run Turbo Tax or Cisco VPN client, so I'll launch VMWare and run a virtual PC on my workstation. Word of Caution: VMWare is a serious memory hog. You'll need to allocate 256MB RAM to the virtual machine. The 20GB disk houses my Slack distro and assorted add-on software. Recently, I updated the motherboard and processor. I now run an ASUS A7266-D motherboard and dual Athlon 2.4Ghz XP CPUs, which are modded to mimic MPs. I removed the 6.4GB windoze HD and also retired the 20GB HD too. Now, I simply run an 80GB disk which contains my Slackware 10.1 distro. I also upgraded the graphics card to the NVIDIA geForce4 Titanium 4200, the card contains 128mb(DDR) memory.


Beast is my fileserver. This machine was a low-cost HP Pavilion box. It came with a 15GB drive and CD-RW. The silly box was not designed for people who like to upgrade hardware. There was literally no space to add a 2nd HD. So, I had to remove the CD-RW in order to add the 40GB drive to the 5.25 bay. I gave the CD-RW to my father. It runs a very slow Celeron 533MHz CPU. This is fine, I only use the box to back-up all the machines on my LAN and it also houses my MP3,DiVx, and VCD archives.


Trini is an extinct PIA(Personal Internet Appliance). I got it from a good friend in BK. The PIA manufacturer disappeared during the dot-com implosion. It is simply a Debian test bed. I wanted to try my hand at Debian. It is pretty cool. Apt-Get is a neat feature. However, I will always be a Slack loyalist. Nothing beats a tarball..


Grimy was running M$ XP Pro, I briefly flurted with the idea of installing VMWare, and running windoze inside of the Virtual machine. However, VmWare is a huge memory hog, so I killed that idea. So, I simply run Debian. I am gradually learning to appreciate the apt-get tools. Very slick indeed.



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