Not An Officer But a Gentleman..

Most people don't know much about my Naval career,so I've decided to post a few pictures of the two ships I served aboard.

Well, I was a gas turbine systems electrician during my six-year obligation. I must say marine engineering is not an easy task.

My first ship, the infamous USS Stark will always bring vivid memories to my mind. The ship was on deployment in the Persian Gulf when she was attacked May 17, 1987. I suppose my survival speaks to the fact that I have a greater purpose on this earth. I am truly blessed.



Exocet Attack
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My second ship, the USS Philippine Sea, afforded me yet another opportunity to travel through the wonderful Suez Canal. I am a proud "plankowner" of this fine vessel. Additionally, I was the 5th overall and the 2nd engineer to earn the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) designation aboard the Philippine Sea. Basically the ESWS qualification says that I know a little about each major system aboard that ship.

USS Philippine Sea
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