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It has been awhile since I shared status of my Krusell case. You may recall that I included a discussion of this case as part of my "Intelligent Design" segment. The Krusell has been used to protect my beloved Treo650.

Unfortunately, the case has failed yet again. As discussed previously, the multi-adapt molding has sharp edges, which create stress risers. Consequently, these corners induce cracks and failure is inevitable.

Additionally, the swivel kit is also prone to similar failures due to its sharp edges. As the image shows, the swivel will shear in half. I will post better photos of the failure modes. I'm not sure that I will take the time to circle the stress risers _again_.

Supposedly, the Krusell case I received in January 08 was an upgrade to the previous generation cases. The only difference that I could detect was snap feature changed to a magnetic style snap/closing feature. Actually, I do like the utility of these cases. They protect my smartphone from accidental drops or lense scratches.

The problem I have with Krusell is that their multi-adapt and swivel kit plastic design schemes are very poor. It really does not appear that the Krusell product design team is interested in making their multi-adapt supplier provide a more robust part. Either rid yourself of the sharp edges or use a more robust material. Perhaps rubber or stainless steel. Of course that would drive down their profit margins. Polypropylene is so much cheaper to manufacture than most materials.

Yes, there is a lifetime warranty on the case. Nonetheless, I'm debating if I should send the case back and allow Krusell to send me yet another case with a built in obsolescence of 3-months. They have refused to let me communicate with their manufacturing director or anyone on their product development team. I do know that their main manufacturing facility is located in Thailand, so I would imagine organized labor does not add cost to their product. One can only assume that this quality problem does not interest anyone in their organization. Perhaps I will contact Ulf Sandberg directly. I wonder if he is aware of this quality concern?

Quick Treo delights - Bluetooth DUN

Suddenly realized that I had not mentioned any new delights, courtesy of my Treo650. In the true Treonaut spirit, I won't disappoint. While I was in LA for CSUN, had the opportunity to try out Bluetooth DUN. Please advised that DUN networking via cell phones is nothing extraordinary, but it does come in quite handy.
Essentially your smartphone becomes a wireless dial-up modem, which delivers data over the EDGE network at speeds 56kbps - 110kbps. Not lightening fast, but it can help you avoid the cost and potential security hazards associated with hotel provided Wi-Fi access.

I have an 'all-you-can-eat' Cingular wireless plan, so there is no hard-set limit of how much data I can transfer via DUN. Pretty slick.

My first experience with DUN was via Futuredial software on a very basic Samsung SPH clamshell style phone. Using that sort of setup, you had to rely on vendor software and cables purchased from Radio Shack. Bluetooth DUN delivers the same features, but without all of the wires.

Before trying this with the Treo650, you'll need to flash your firmware to latest version. To be clear, there are different firmware versions available, so be sure to get the correct software. I have an unlocked GSM smartphone, so I grabbed this one.

The instructions are very intuitive and you'll need to back-up your data ;)
After you've flashed the firmware and followed the instruction for setting up DUN, you'll need to pair your notebook or other bluetooth enabled device to recognize the Treo650.

My notebook did not have native bluetooth, so I simply plugged in a USB bluetooth adapter.
Everything worked quite well.

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