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Virtues of the Open Source Telephony Platform

As promised the show notes from the recorded conversation we had at Astricon.

I also submitted this discussion as an episode for HPR

Guests - Randy Resnick, Allison Smith, Eric Ostenberg, Kevin Bushong

Randy discusses the history of the VUC (VoIP Users Conference)->
Early Talkshoe days (RIP Talkshoe), pre-dates mumble servers.
Allison (voice of Asterisk) explains how she got involved with the telephony and asterisk in general.

She graciously authenticates herself with a genuine echo test ;-)   
Eric and Kevin wax poetic about their early experiences with telcos and telephony.
Everyone talks about some of the useful features and applications within Asterisk.

  • DISA
  • chan_dahdi
  • SIP
  • g722 codec

We later get into what we believe asterisk will become in the future.

  • Supplement GSM networks
  • Automobile telematics (sunzofman1 has a special place in his heart for telematics)

Host encourages everyone to contribute a HPR show!

Download mp3 (48.55min || 34MB)

Download ogg  (48.55min || 23MB)

Update: Broken link fixed. Sorry but I do not have access to raw audio, so I could not share the audio in totally free ogg format.

Hacker Public Radio - HPR 0728

I recently collaborated on a netcast for Hacker Public Radio (HPR). It would appear that my itch for time shifting and technical dialogue is still in me. However, in this particular episode Dismal Science and I discussed issues related to Race, Sex and Open Source. We did not prepare any show notes.

Enjoy the conversation HPR 0728
For anyone who is unfamiliar with HPR, Hacker Public Radio is an podcast that releases shows every weekday Monday through Friday. Our shows are produced by the community and can be on any topic that would be interesting to hackers.

Please consider contributing a show for a good cause. The content does not have to be technical in nature, but it must be interesting and thought provoking to the community. The show is by and for the community. Is this not what "radio" was designed for in the beginning?

Unfortunately, I do not have the conversation in ogg format. Early morning snafu with the recording, we'll use one of my asterisk boxes next time.

BIT Interview - Episode 1

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking with Greg Greenlee, one of the co-founders of Blacks In Technology. Actually, I met he and his other half Ron Hash (coolest name on the planet) at Ohio Linux Fest. Greg and I discussed engineering, entrepreneurship and the dearth of people of color in areas of technology. I must admit that it was very different having to be the person answering the questions. *Sigh* Eventually, I will resurrect my wayward netcast. It will have to be a different format, and I'll probably work with a co-host too.

Anyway, I'm not sure if there are any shownotes posted on the BIT site. For those who are not familiar with Blacks In Technology community site, as Greg explained. The site was designed to help inspire people of color who are under represented in technical fields. Basically a peer mentoring site. He also describes BIT endeavoring to do some video blogging and netcasts designed to showcase black engineers who are actually working or self-taught in the area of Information Technology. Definitely a worthwhile project..

I will probably package an ogg vorbis container for the discussion at a later date.

 Download mp3 (67.10min || 47MB)

Woes of Odeo

Image representing Odeo as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I've known for at least 3 weeks that all of the .mp3 files which I have hosted on are no longer being served.  Apparently, is the latest so-called web2.0 company to have gone belly up. I have had problems with their services in the past and publicly blasted them on Twitter.  I only used their services because I wanted to conserve my disk space on the webserver that host my blog.  I have since increased the disk space and I also have a bit of redundancy on a BSD box.  So I essentially, no longer need to fool with Odeo. Being lazy will always bite you in the ass ;-)

Typically, the outages lasted only a couple weeks. The current outage has been ongoing for months. The problems are only exacerbated by the lack of communication.  Odeo seems not to be able to use any public medium (RSS feeds, Twitter, email, blog, etc) to convey technical challenges.

Luckily, I have copies of every file which I had uploaded to their servers. I'll eventually get around to modifying the path of all of these files. If I could kill non-free mp3 all together I would. However, my wayward netcast "AG Speaks" listenership has dwindled to a precious few. This is due to the fact that I've not published a show in over 1yr ;-)  I have not killed the show, but it has been on hiatus. The show will be resurrected under a different name, but not sure what the name will be though.  I suppose I should be thankful for Odeo's poor communication, as it helped me identify a problem which existed on serving of my ogg files.
Funny how that stuff works. Someone pointed out that the mp3 files had stopped working, I quickly suggested that the free unencumbered ogg vorbis format should be used instead.
As my luck would have it, there was a mild Apache virtual server configuration. I'm happy to state that these problems have been resolved. The ogg files are available again.  If you are still interested in the old show files, please grab the ogg files. I plan to fix the mp3 audio links in the next few days.

Once again, I'm reminded of the frailties of using a third party data broker. Nothing is every truly free.
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After a one-year hiatus, the wayward netcast has returned. I have been contemplating renaming the show. Clearly the show is _not_ about me :-)
The conversation generally center around F/OSS and web technologies.

My sincere apologies go out to my special guest Robby Workman, as I took much longer than I expected to publish the talk. We had a great discussion and would be happy to chat with him again soon. Consider this show a Part 2, of the slackware series. We talked about everything from anatomy of a slackbuild script to his thoughts on the OLPC.

Lastly, I revealed the inaugural "Hit and Run" segment. Pure bliss ;-)

I still have not setup an 'ogg' feed, it is forthcoming. Thx for your patience. I'll likely use Listgarden to resolve this matter. In the meantime, feel free to simply download directly.

Download Ogg (67.10min || 36MB)

Download mp3 (67.10min || 21MB)


Robby's Blog.

ODEO migrating data to new servers (revisited)

It appears that my channel has been restored. In fact, there are show duplicates on my ODEO channel, so I'll need to clean that up. I would imagine that this has also affected the RSS feed too. I did notice that the number of feed subscribers have increased again, so if you grabbed the feed and noticed duplicates please be patient. I will get that cleaned up soon.

The show notes have not yet been recovered, but I anticipate this problem will be resolved in short order. I always mirror the shownotes on my blog, so you should be able to get the proper synopsis for each show. Just review the podcast category..

As always, if you have questions or would like to send an audio comment about the AG Speaks Netcast, send them here.

Of course, I'll play them on the next show :)

I would be remiss if I did not thank Odeo's Greg Gershman and Eric Rupert. Both were very responsive and showed good hustle in resolving the channel outages.

ODEO migrating data to new servers

If anyone of you are subscribed to my netcast feeds via ODEO, please do not panic. It appears that ODEO migrated the majority of their user accounts over the weekend. Unfortunately, they seemed to have munged my account, hence my shows are missing. I do expect the situation to be rectified by close of business (end of the work day). If the problem does not go away, I will inquire. Luckily I have back ups of all my content, so while it would be annoying it would not be a impossible to reproduce.

Thx for your patience :)

Per the instructions on the ODEO blog, I sent ODEO COO, Eric Rupert an email and he responded that there was a server outage. Perhaps this explains why my profile and all the subsequent channel data seems to have been ethered. Unfortunately, he offered no estimated time of repair.

Entire conversation was done over my Asterisk box. I guess I can finally cut ties with FreeConferenceCall.

Originatics Originatic Universal Computer is an interesting device with much potential. Marty states the product should be on the market 4th Qtr 2008. We talked about the specs, deployment and support strategy.

Download mp3 (71.43min || 17MB)
Download Ogg (71.43min || 27MB)


Update: Universal Computer at the 2008 International CES (Youtube)

AG Speaks Episode 016 - Ed Dunn

Conversation with search engine founder and chief architect. Soon after we ended the discussion, I realized that there were several questions that were not asked. Hopefully, I can get him back on the show for a Part 2.

Download mp3 (76.52min || 18MB)
Download Ogg (76.52min || 31MB)


Ed's Personal site

AG Speaks Episode 015 - Brandon Moore

Heh, time shifting at its finest.
As promised the second of three shows that have been in the hopper for at least three weeks. My apologies to my guests. I will get better.

The topic of this discussion is Linux on the Mainframe. Brandon was gracious enough to share some of his first hand knowledge. He has worked with IBM for quite awhile and did his best not to get into any trouble in the process :)

We also veered off-track and began talking about ODF and the 700mhz spectrum.

Download mp3 (66min || 16MB)
Download Ogg (66min || 27MB)


AG Speaks Episode 014 - Sans Guest

It has been quite awhile since I published my very irregular netcast. Rest assured that it has not been discontinued. I simply have been distracted and have been struggling with infrastructure issues. Though disk space is fairly cheap, I do not have an infinite supply. A great deal of the space is consumed with email, which I'll likely archive and download to a local disk for safekeeping. My current hosting solution has been disappointing of late. More on that later.

Luckily, a buddy of mine from undergrad has provided me with access to a FreeBSD box. The plan is to archive my large audio files on this server and reference it from the usual places.

Because of the longer than usual time lapse, I have three shows to share with you. Look for them in the next couple of entries.

Update: *Sigh* The audio is a bit distorted, as I was too liberal with noise removal.

Download mp3 (26.09min || 6MB)
Download Ogg (26.09min || 9.4MB)



| 1 Comment

Today I'll participate in another Tang Soo Do seminar conducted by the President of our federation, Kwang Jang Nim Saul Kim.
Eventually, photos and videos from my 3rd Dan testing will be uploaded to the usual places. In truth, I have exhausted my alloted disk space on my webserver. It could be time to begin looking for another hosting solution. I really need at least 1GB of space. Much of the space is occupied by my netcast content. The high quality ogg audio files are quite large. I am considering using a service like libsyn to host the ogg audio, I would then finally be able to have a permanent ogg feed.

Additionally, my MT publishing engine is very long in the tooth and it is time to upgrade. However, I won't upgrade until I get the disk space resolved and the feeds corrected. Perhaps, I'll get to this in the next couple of weeks. I do have a show episode (AG Speaks) in the cue, but I simply must sit down and do the post-processing.

We'll see how it turns out. I have just been pre-occupied with self-imposed deadlines that seem to slip on a regular basis.

Now with iTunes Support

I have now added an easy link to the right-side navigation menu. You can easily subscribe to AG Speaks with your iTunes feedcatcher. However, I still refuse to pay Apple any money to list my content in its Apple Store. IIRC, Apple requires a credit card to simply list content in their store. Thx but no thanks.

This conversation was done entirely on the Treo650. Both David and I were outfitted with headsets and microphone booms. Unfortunately, the conference room was air conditioned so there was a fair amount of airborne noise in the raw recording.

It seems that I have also managed to avoid the awful chipmunk affect of the Odeo Flash Player. Ahh, life is grand.
I used Audacity to remove the background noise, so the audio sounds more clear. The noise removal module provided with Audacity is quite good, I did use it gingerly. There is some distortion, but I am reasonably pleased with the end-product.

Download Mp3(70.56min || 17MB)
Download Ogg (70.56min || 21MB)


AG Speaks Episode 12 - Wesley Fryer

| 1 Comment

After 3 weeks of processing time, the conversation with Wes is available for download. Our conversation describes the necessity of infusing technology into the classroom. Wesley outlines key enablers and various methods of reaching our youth via digital methods.

As usual the Odeo Flash player is hit or miss. Despite recording with sampling rate of 22khz, the dreaded chipmunk affect rears its ugly head. I will eventually host my recordings elsewhere, not sure why Odeo does not have a more robust solution.

Simply download the audio file and avoid the flash player.

Download mp3 (87.23min || 21MB)
Download Ogg (87.23min || 21MB)


Wesley's site.

AG Speaks Episode 11

Finally got another show out the door (sans guests). I know that it has been awhile.
Feel free to send me an Odeo greeting, as I would like to know your thoughts on the
show or anything else that comes to mind. In the upcoming weeks, my intent is to secure new guest for upcoming shows.


Send me an Odeo Message.

Download mp3 (34.52min || 8MB)
Download Ogg (34.52min || 16MB)

AG Speaks Episode 0010 - Keith Elder

Finally published my 2nd segment for 2007.


Download mp3 (87min || 10.46MB)
Download Ogg (87min || 23MB)

AG Speaks Episode 009 - Bryan Wilhite

Short update. I will be in LA for 3/20 - 3/26. Hopefully I can meet-up with some of my Cali peoples. The blue Yankee will be donned ;)

Apologies for the long delay in publishing this conversation. I have another discussion in the hopper, and will publish it before I head West on Tuesday.

You may grab the feed from the usual place.
Unfortunately, importing audio into Odeo Studio has been hit or miss.. Chipmunk effect has returned after a couple of successful uploads. Download the raw file to avoid the poor quality.

I am currently looking for a home for my ogg audio. Anybody have any suggestions, I'd be so
very grateful. Once I locate a host, I will burn a separate feed for my ogg content. I will not be able to re-publish past shows in the ogg format, as time is limited. Rest assured that going forward, ogg content will always be available.

Download mp3 (88.46min || 20MB)


Bryan's site.

AG Speaks Episode 008 - Michael Kimsal

| No TrackBacks

The post processing took far longer than I had hoped. The discussion is much longer due to the meandering of the host, but the audio quality is much improved when compared to some of the earlier shows. I am again experimenting with lower bitrates. I used 16kps to reduce the file size to something more manageable. Alas, it seems that I found the magical bitrate and frequency which the Odeo embedded flash player understands. Yay, no more chipmunk effect.

If you want higher quality audio, grab the ogg file. Yes, I'm going to include ogg files for all future shows.

I figured that if I'm going to be talking about F/OSS, I'd better be walking the walk ;)
Additionally, I finally got around to fixing the feed for my podcasts radiocasts. It now points to the appropriate content, so feel free to subscribe via the RSS podcast chicklet on the site.


Download mp3 (98.20min || 12MB)
Download Ogg (98.20min || 25MB)


Michael's site.

AG Speaks Episode 007 - Ejovi Nuwere

| No TrackBacks

Great conversation with Ejovi, we are probably going to record another segment in the near future. There is much work to do and a great deal more to discuss. Hopefully, audio quality will be much better next time.

It appears that conducting podcasts via telephone is fraught with peril. For whatever reason, I've had lots of problems with the remote audio. Nonetheless, the show must continue.

Most of my guest seem to prefer to simply call into conference. I'll have to figure out a solution.
I would much rather use a SIP phone (ie Ekiga, LinPhone, Wengo, others), and communicate computer to computer. Overall the Treo experiment is working, but I do not have any control over the remote audio.
If anyone has any helpful suggestions, I'm all ears.

*Update* Arrgh.. Despite my best efforts, I've still not resolved the problems with Flash players on Odeo and Biggu. The sample rate is 22.0khz, yet the speed is unacceptable. I suppose that I'll need to drop it down to 11.025khz. Very frustrating. In the meantime, simply download the show using he link below.

Download Show (49.29min || 23MB)


Ejovi's site.

AG Speaks Episode 006 - Joe Gasiorek

| No TrackBacks

Conversation with Joe Gasiorek has been published. Please be advised that the audio quality could be better. Actually, I figured out that I should not use a bluetooth headset as a microphone ;)

Again, please do not use the Odeo flash player. It appears that the flash player is unable to handle audio encoded at something other than 11.025khz multiples. So, the audio has the chipmunk affect ;) I'll modify the sample rate within Audacity to fix the problem with the flash player on Odeo.

Until I resolve the matter, simply download the file directly to your audio player.

Download Show (34.27min || 16MB)


Episode 004 AG Speaks

| No TrackBacks

As promised I have uploaded another discussion, (sans guests).
For the moment, please do not use the Odeo flash player. It appears that the flash player is not able to handle audio encoded at something other than 11.025khz multiples. So, the audio has the chipmunk affect ;)

Until I resolve the matter, simply download the file directly to your audio player.

Download Show (37.10min || 18MB)


Finally uploaded another edition of AG Speaks. Conversation with Java developer -Mack Hendricks.

More shows will be forthcoming..
Grab the RSS feed
Get the whole show.

Episode 005 Shownotes:

Mack's personal project -

Podcast Episode 003

| No TrackBacks

As promised below are the shownotes from my discussion with David Cantrell.


Hopefully, I have not forgotten anything.

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