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Dark Knight Rises

Were it not for the Batman trilogy, I believe DC comics would be totally irrelevant on the big screen. I thoroughly enjoyed this flick. In fact, I did not offer much resistance when she insisted that she wanted to see it three times. As a rule, I never pay for a film twice, let alone thrice. Nonetheless, this was an exception.  There were so many subliminal messages embedded inside of the work, that it is somewhat difficult to capture them. Methinks it was the best film that I watched all year.

Some general thoughts or themes which grabbed my attention

  • Courage
  • Faith
  • Honor
DC Comics

DC Comics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I found interesting was the manner in which Batman was broken both literally and figuratively.  The prison of the mind is powerful, yet debilitating weapon. Without giving away the entire plot and backdrop of the movie, Dark Knight Rises, presents the audience with a myriad of events which help both protagonist and antagonist shine supremely.

The much older Batman is indeed mortal, and it should throughout the film. It took a huge brand of courage to prove that he could defeat the very wicked villain.  Escaping the mind prison was perhaps the best part of the film. Yes, it is "possible", if you have faith and courage to manifest the vision. These are indeed life lessons for the multitude.

Lastly, honor was indeed an undercurrent through out this flick. We are finally introduced to the boy wonder and bat girl. Both learned about honor in very different ways.  My namesake also experienced his tragic lesson of honor as well. Very well orchestrate plot and clearly well worth the coin spent.
Yes, I will also grab the torrent for safe keeping. 

Speech For Freedom

Yet another movie review. I'm sure most of you will appreciate this one ;-) My wife has educated me on speech disorders and "The King's Speech" seemed like an interesting film. Without giving away the entire plot, one could really sympathize with the main character despite his hubris, I found myself hoping that he would succeed.

Humans typically create barriers where there are none simply because they are different. For instance, if one spat saliva each time they spoke in close proximity to other people, would it be appropriate for them to stop speaking all together?  If the individual is deeply subconscious about their nasty habit, they may actually withdraw from close contact with others.  Obviously, I'm talking about an extreme case, as I know people that spit each time they talk to me. These people still don't seem to have any problem striking up a conversation. Hopefully, you get the idea ;-)

From what I understand, speech impediments can be corrected if detected early. They are more difficult to modify or eradicate in adulthood due to fragility of egos.  This film certainly addressed that point very clearly.  The main character earned his liberation my facing his deep rooted fear of ridicule and persecution.  Everyone has demons that we cannot bear to face head on.

In this film, the king gained liberation by actually becoming humble and seeking help. He would later discover freedom and triumph by ridding himself of self doubt. Many people talk about freedom of speech, but this character took the cliche a step further.  In learning to speak without fear of ridicule or chastisement he was able to exorcise demons that were deeply rooted in his childhood. 

Good flick.. Peep it in the theater or grab the torrent.


Tron (film)

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If ever there was a film that had many subliminal messages, this would have to be it. Try as I might, I really didn't remember much from the original flick. However, I do remember the Tron, the classic arcade game.  Without spoiling the plot for those that have not seen it, I really enjoyed the fact that Linux CLI was prominently displayed in various aspects. Perhaps most interesting was the parodies against Apple or M$. I'd say the parody is closest to that Cupertino company. 

The concept of giving software aware for no cost for the sake of understanding and appreciation was broached in this movie.

Freedom against all commercial software at all costs. The outcome is learning, discovery and mastery. What a beautiful message to push to the masses.

It also has an interesting philosophical take on engineering. In my words, engineering is the manifestation of the perfect likeness. More specifically the ability to manufacture artificial entities for the improvement of the human condition. The grid is metaphorically that perfect likeness or incredible engineering feat. Choosing between human interaction and the quest for perfection can be quite difficult.

Definitely a thought provoking movie. Perhaps I thought too deeply about the undertones and the subliminal messages; nonetheless, I would suspect that even the casual sci-fi observer would have appreciated this work.


Book of Eli

I really haven't had the time to discuss some of the better films or at least those that I've reached into my pockets to support. I still contend that it is probably better to get the torrent for most flicks. Anyway I digress. There have been some real jewels. This film is perhaps best in class for 2K10.
In an effort not to give away the plot, I would call it a holy crusade based in an apocalypse.
Subplots abound in this flick, ultimate faith, and conviction. Though I must say it is not Denzell Washington's best project, he did a great job with a very plausible character.

I'm not the religious fanatic, but I could see where stereotypes could be drawn and proliferated with the conversation throughout. Nuff said.


I'm always amazed at the subject matter of Moore's films. In fact, I was particularly interested in this film, as I have experienced first hand the difficulty of dealing with spiraling health care costs. What I found most curious was the level of detail in which Moore described the accounts of people affected by disengaged health care administrators.

Though not surprising, you can appreciate that pharmaceutical industry is a mega-business which does an excellent job capitalizing on FUD campaigns. A prime example would be this so-called swine flu. There has been a huge up swell of influenza claims and other types of virus hysteria.

Moore also does a decent job connecting the government to the large pharmaceutical lobbyists. The pharmaceutical ecosystem is quite immense and there are organizations that simply do not wish to see it dismantled.

Seven Pounds

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It has been awhile since this space has included a review of a recent film. I was not aware that so much time had elapsed between film reviews. Though, I have watched many flicks since this particular pseudo-review, I must state that this film hit close to home.

Without giving the film away, I would add that my takeaway was the idea of ultimate sacrifice, perhaps brought about by extreme guilt. Somehow, I get the feeling that Will Smith will soon be able to command the type of films that Denzel once had in his prime.

Anyway, aside from the weirdness of being able to impersonate a federal officer for what appeared to be several months.. I did appreciate the idea of the gift of life.

Definitely, will generate much eye moisture :) The film critics have not been very kind to this movie; however, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a film of substance and humility.

Not your Tyler Perry garden variety gibberish. I would suggest you peep the film and get the torrent.

Why Did I Get Married ?


Got hoodwinked into watching a genuine 'chick-flick'. Anyway, it is unlikely that I would do another such film. I had heard about Tyler Perry, but I figured his work was much like "Waiting to Exhale", so I was bracing for the worst.

I don't think the film gave me anymore insight to marriage than I had previously. The only difference was that the cast was comprised of actors who had virtually vanished from the front line landscape (ie Janet Jackson, Malik Yoba, Michael Jai White). Jackson's performance was particularly awful. She was neither plausible or genuine in her role as a psychology professor. In fact, I think the highlight of her acting portfolio was Jason's Lyric Poetic Justice.

It would seem that the producer did the very best to focus on the monetary wealth of the characters, rather than the essence of dysfunctional relationships. IMHO, the film was best suited for a much younger demographic. Ironically, the storyline would suggest a very mature theme. Go figure. It's Hollywood. Go get the torrent, save your loot.

A Beautiful Mind


Though this Ron Howard film was released several years ago, I had never watched it in its entirety. If you enjoy mathematics intertwined with a heaping of intrigue this will be a delightful movie. The writers of the film, A Beautiful Mind, did take a quite a bit of creative license in telling the story of Professor John Forbes Nash. As this very interesting entry would suggest. Nash had bouts with schizophrenia, which the film characterizes as both audible and visual, but in fact were only audible. The movie also highlighted Wheeler Labs, an upper-echelon research facility located on the MIT campus. Although Nash did spend time at MIT in the 1950s, there was no such lab. So, this too was debunked.

You gotta love Hollywood. Why Ron Howard et al, decided to take such liberties with Nash's story? Was he not very interesting? Nash made incredible contributions to Economics and was also a Nobel Laureate. Those facts alone would be enough to keep my attention. I suppose that mathematics and algorithms would be too boring for the average movie goer. What a shame. Despite the obvious "enhancements", I enjoyed the film. As crazy as it sounds, I was nearly fooled by some of the hallucinations depicted in the film. They all seemed quite real and plausible. Well, I guess Howard achieved his goal.

An Inconvenient Truth


Had the pleasure of viewing the Al Gore documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" and after having spent the 1.5hrs of my time... I have no regrets. Although I happen to earn a living in an industry that has struggled to advance the technology of renewable energy/fuels, I am not conflicted. The film is a stark reminder of the impact humans are having on the environment. I do not remember hearing much about this work. Perhaps this is due to the region which I live.

Some have mocked Gore and his role in the tobacco industry and his inability to win a rigged election (lost home state of Tennessee). Nonetheless, the research he has collected is quite compelling and very reasonable. I had no idea that this campaign has consumed much of his life. If you have not viewed this project, I encourage you to do so. Especially, if you are a member of the scientific or technical community. There is much work to do.

Pursuit of Happiness

Wow, I just realized that I have not done a review in quite awhile. This film perhaps surpassed Akeelah and the Bee, in terms of inspiration. Forget for a moment that the Will Smith and his son are millionaires. Nonetheless, I left theatre with a strong desire to achieve greatness. I suppose it is true that everyone wishes to be happy. Regardless of how 'happiness' is defined.

I do not want to go into a long review, suffice to say the storyline is plausible and perhaps meaningful to some. If you pay attention, you will even catch a glimpse of the 'real life' character who I believe wrote the screenplay. I only wish that most interns got to do real work, while spending their Summer with a company of their choice.

Certainly worth the cost of admission.

Akeelah and the Bee

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At first glance, it would appear that the title could be animation for children. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the film. I would actually go as far as stating that it could very well be the one of the best flicks of the year. Certainly a 'feel good' story, but actually there was much to captivate the audience. It appears that Lawrence Fishbourne is going to use his new film production group to capture the positive experiences of persons of color. Definitely a much needed breath of fresh air. Outside of 40Acres and a Mule, there really aren't very many production houses that are seeking to be different.

Don't know about you, but most films depicting the so-called black experience on the silver screen have been bitter disappointments. It's either a wack love story or goofball comedy. Not much diversity at all. Sorta of like mainstream radio, but that's a rant for a later entry.

Suffice to say, that you'd be pleased to drop a bit of loot on this flick. This one snuck in under my radar screen, much like Boondocks ;)

Go catch the matinee.

Hotel Rwanda

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Actually I heard about this film quite awhile ago, but avoided it because I assumed it would not tell the true story of the atrocities that took place in Rwanda. I saw the PBS special Ghosts of Rwanda and it affected me deeply. I do understand that there was indeed a Hotel Rwanda that housed Tutsis, but I'm not at all certain of the details. Nonetheless, the movie did have a Hollywood cast and did a fairly good job characterizing the senseless genocide.

Though I preferred the PBS special, I would definitely consider this flick recommended viewing. Especially, if you are not at all familiar of the massacre, it will open your eyes to the realities of this terrible event.

Jar Head

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Although, not one of the better films of the year, I do have a few thoughts. As a six-year US Navy veteran, I can certainly attest to the fact that lots of people got 'Dear Jody' letters. The joke was that once the big carriers go out on deployment, the wives typically lost their minds. Pretty sad but true. For the record, I never got a such a letter. I don't think I could've been married during the very long deployments, the time away from family were very tough on relationships.

Both of my 'cruises' were results of the Desert Shield/Storm conflicts. I recall a time where we were at sea for forty-five consecutive days without pulling into port. Pretty nasty stuff. Oh yeah, in keeping with the Navy tradition, we did get a can of beer.

I digress.. Regarding the film, much angst was made to describe the brainwashing that goes into the idea of romanticizing war. I suppose it's necessary to get youngsters to sacrifice life and limb. Another aspect of the flick that was another military reality 'hurry up and wait', that is this idea of moving quickly to be in a constant state of readiness, but not actually doing anything. I do remember spending lots of time steaming around the Red Sea. This must have gone on for months before we finally received the order to fire the Tomahawk missiles. The flick did a fairly decent job describing the monotony preparing for a war that seemed as though it would never happen.

Otherwise, I thought the movie was pretty weak.

Inside Man

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Another Spike Lee joint. Actually, I believe Inside Man was better than 25th Hour. I wonder why it took so long for Denzel to do another film for 40 Acres? The entire film looked to be done with digital instead of classical 8mm. As we have come to expect with Spike's films, there were at least three different lessons to be learned. So if you pay attention, you might learn something.

Perhaps the best line in the flick, was the questioning of little boy..
The detective asks, "Weren't you scared?" The response from the child, "Nah, I'm Brooklyn..."
Classic. Of course, I had to yell out and speak my clout.. Yeah, boy.. I digress.

There is a huge emphasis on how we treat each other during times extreme drama. I'll leave it at that.

I enjoyed the flick so much that I grabbed a torrent for safe keeping. I understand the film grossed $29 million the first weekend. Not too shabby for a director who drops a film once in a blue.

16 Blocks

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I actually went to the theatre to peep a film. A rarity indeed. The flick was pretty good. It didn't hurt that BlackStar member, Mos Def represented BK quite well. I believe he and Talib used to work in a bookstore on Flatbush Ave. He was an undergound MC from a few years back, now he has become mainstream, but he still spits conscious lyrics. It seems that more hiphop heads are embracing Hollywood. I don't believe Mos has visions of becoming a rapping Blair Underwood (that would be Will Smith), very confident that he'll maintain the street credibility. I wonder how long it took him to master that voice? I won't say anything more about it.

The producer made sure the film had its fair share of notable actors. Looking at an old overweight Bruce Willis, sparked images of Sylvester Stallone in CopLand. Dirty pigs always seem to be a good topic for a film. 16 Blocks certainly wasn't a bad film, but I think CopLand was much more riveting.

25th Hour

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Got a chance to watch a film produced by my favorite indie director, Spike Lee. Yeah, I said indie, because Spike has largely gone underground and really isn't considered mainstream anymore. Hell, he's already made his splash and created consciousness in blackfilm genre. I know that nobody is checking for Spike anymore, but I'll always be a fan. He represents BK lovely ;)

The flick snuck in under the radar, but was pretty good, classic 40 Acres and a Mule. Shots of the moving character that reminds you have someone on a conveyor belt. The only aspect that was missing was Spike himself.. He didn't appear in this film as one of the characters. Hmm.. I'm not certain if he's ever done that in previous films.

Basically, the storyline was real simple. How would one who has been sentenced and convicted of a crime spend his last days as a free man? What sort of regrets would you harbor in your soul? Who can you trust? Would your woman be there for you once you did seven flat? Could you do the time?

I've never caught a case, but I can tell you that I couldn't do a bid. I'd probably last only a few hours. Someone would probably send a soldier after me or I'd end up extended my stay for poor behaviour. I used to visit my brother on Riker's Isle, prison ain't nothing nice.

The film has a decent compliment of notable actors and actresses. Where does it rank amongst other epic Spike Lee films? I'd probably say that it's middle of the pack.

However, its a pretty decent way to spend a Friday nite. You could do much worse..
Grab the torrent or peep the storyline before the Netflix rental.

Ong-bak , Thai Warrior

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As promised, I will share my latest movie review. I actually saw this one on DVD :)
I simply love martial arts films, especially those that are filmed overseas. Tony Jaa is a Muay Thai practitioner. While I don't profess to know much Muay-Thai, I was very impressed with the skill of this guy. Granted some of his knee strikes could have been exaggerated, I'm clear that he could inflict much damage.

Unfortunately, the art of kickboxing has been watered down to aerobic kickboxing, that has become very popular with women. It was refreshing to see the ancient art of Muay Thai demonstrated in this film.

I especially appreciated the high kicking techniques and strong counter attacks. In truth, the plot left much to be desired, but how many martial arts films actually have a well-defined plot? For that matter, how many people actually watch these flicks with the expectation of a stellar plot.

Anyway, there is much action in this film. Tony Jaa plays a peasant duped into prize fighting by a family member. All he really wanted was the much revered Buddah that was stolen from his village by thugs.

Not sure if this film was produced on location in Hong Kong, but I suspect that there were many film extras who took a physical beating in this film. I really hope it was worth the pain.

Master Killer

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Also known as the 36 Chambers of Shaolin, a Shaw Brothers film, and definitely one of my favorites(also happens to be listed as one of Wu-Tang's classics too). The much younger Gordon Liu(aka Chia Hui Liu), stars as San Te, a recently accomplished Shaolin monk, who returns to his homeland to emancipate his oppressed countrymen.

I believe the story takes place during the Ming dynasty, where the some of the villagers had grown tired of the oppressive government. Sound familiar. One of the students had joined the insurgents to help overthrow the ruling power. Unfortunately, most of these militants became martyrs and their families were brutally murdered in the town square. Liu fled with his life to Shaolin temple to learn the skill of Kung-Fu.

The Constant Gardener

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Now that the Trebuchet competition is over, I can focus on Finance and accounting course. Essentially, the semester has ended. I took an opportunity and peeped another film. The Constant Gardeneris based upon the John Le Carre novel, which depicts corruption on behalf of large Swiss pharmaceutical firm. The company decided to use Sudanese people as guinea pigs, as they 'alpha' tested AIDS drugs. I was quite saddened, but not surprised that this was not a fictional account, the pharmaceutical industry braced for the release of this film. Essentially, it lifted the skirt of the whole dirty secret of human experiments of so-called expendable people. Very despicable to say the least. Certainly brings back to memory the infamous Tuskeegee Experiment. How much is the life of an African/African American really worth?

Not really sure how the film arrived at its name. I tried very hard to find clues to its title. None were readily obvious. There was a great deal of clandestine activity on behalf of the British government, and you really had to pay close attention to understand who the bad guys were in this tale. The actors were very capable and quite plausible. Perhaps the only issue that I have with such flicks is that there is always the 'white man' God complex. In that, the folks of color never seem empowered or just totally helpless. Thus, the well-equipped European rides in to attempt to save the day or snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
I never really cared for these types of flicks. The answer to why this occurs is obvious. No African wrote or financed the film. So, you only get one perspective. Were there any African insurgents? Who cooperated with the Europeans in the first place?

Despite its faults, I'd still recommend that you peep the flick. The knowledge gained will be astonishing.

Kingdom of Heaven

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I've been slow to post entries due to increasing courseload. Rest assured I've been very productive.
Please take a moment to review my latest flick review. I grabbed a torrent and bag of popcorn and took a much needed break from some classwork.

Kingdom of Heaven takes place during the Holy Crusades(roughly 1100AD), the Muslims were attempting to retake Jerusulem from the Christians. The irony is that the Christians had butchered the Muslims, and stole this land from Muslims in earlier crusades, but now the will of the Pope and strength of the Roman Empire was on the side of the Christians.

The corruption of the Pope was exposed earlier in the film, and justice was typically found at the end of a knight's sword. Many life lessons were played out for the benefit of the viewer, and there was the ubiquitous love story to capture your attention in the somewhat lengthy piece.

Lord of War

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I figured I would treat myself to rare mid-week flick. Took in Nicholas Cage, starring in Lord of War. A compelling tale that will certainly open your eyes to corruption and manipulation of so-called third world nations. Although, the film was morbid and surreal, it clearly painted of vivid picture of how private wars are fought and financed. Have you ever wondered how the 'war on drugs' was carried out? How about Afghanistan's defeat of the Soviet Union? Don't misunderstand me, the film was not a documentary, but it did reveal some of the aspects of how assault rifles and ammunition are used to encourage unrest and stifle advancement in developing countries.

I would also venture to guess, that these same tactics are used here on US soil. I believe the term is coined 'counterintelligence'. I believe the FBI used this same method to severely cripple the NOI. Lastly, the film reminds of a classic KRS1 joint. I believe the chorus was "I've got a hundred or two hundred clips, goin to NY, NY." Hmmm. I think that was off the "Blueprint" album. If I gave away anymore details, it would spoil the film. Suffice to say, it is well worth loot and time.

Batman Begins

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While I was in Chi, I peeped the IMAX Batman Begins. Allow me to share my thoughts. Although, I'm not really a DC comics buff, I did appreciate the production effort. The cast was also top notch (Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, etc). Very capable storyline. Without giving away the film, the darkness or the sinister plot was done very well. You could really see the struggles or the humanistic qualities of the superhero. However, if you try to compare the cinematography or plot to say, Spiderman, I think you would agree that the Marvel Comics and Stan Lee are superior. Perhaps I'm a bit biased since, I have always been a huge Marvel Comicsfan.

Curiously, I didn't see any lead-in for the Boy Wonder nor Batgirl. So, if there is a sequel, it would probably focus on the arch enemies of Batman.

Go see the flick, you will enjoy it.

BTW: I'll be heading home to NYC in the next couple days, so if you want to meetup, drop me an email.

She Hate Me

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Now that school is out for the Summer, I'm taking advantage of the idle time by catching up on flicks that peek my curiosity. Finally got a chance to see Spike Lee's latest joint, She Hate Me.

Perhaps I'm not the proper dude to give a objective crtique of this film, as I'm a fan of all 40acre/Mule films. Well, I'll give it my best effort anyway. The storyline was a bit contrived as it deals with lesbians who wanted children, so they paied handsomely for the priviledge of getting impregnated by a willing male stud. Interestingly, most of the women chose the traditional method. Obviously they loved the 'd'.
From experience, I don't know any lesbians that go both ways. I suppose they wouldn't be called lesbians if they did ;)

I appreciated the role of the main character, the brotha basically lived out the fantasy of many men. Sex without the baggage of strings attached. All of his 'clients' presented him with a form that essentially waived any parental responsibility for the offspring. Without going into much detail the sperm race to finish line was absolutely hilarious.

In true Spike form, there is always a message involved. (Isn't this why we see his films anyway). There are many subliminal messages throught the film. Government corruption, social and sexual taboos, and racial stereotypes.
Suffice to say, that you should see the flick for yourself to formulate your good opinion about the film.

Aside: The main character, Anthony Mackie, is the younger brother of a young Xavier engineering prof I met some years back. Check out his site, Channel Zero.

Revenge of the Sith

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It's been quite awhile since I've done my ever popular movie review. So I suppose that I need to make up for lost time.
Yeah, I know that several quality copies are abound in cyberspace, but I took advantage of a matinee. Anyway, I'd have to say that Revenge of the Sith is arguably the best film of the year. For those that have not seen the Star Wars trilogy, that would be the films that took place during the late seventies; you need not worry. Actually, the episodes I - III occur before the George Lucas films of the seventies. You may ask, "Why did Lucas create these films out of order?" The answer is quite simple, according to Lucas, the technology was insufficient and could not tell the story appropriately. Therefore, the films were done out of order. So you could see the most recent Star Wars films and not really miss anything.

However, I would strongly encourage you to see the previous film,Attack of the Clones before viewing the Revenge of the Sith.

Hmm, where should I begin? There was alot of action in this film. We witnessed the birth of Darth Vader, as Anakes Skywalker is converted to the dark side of the force. It's very interesting to note that Vader doesn't appear to be quite as menacing. Due in part because, we have watched him grow from a boy. Certainly very different than what we remember from the seventies. As a child, the voice of James Earl Jones brought chills to my spine.

So as not to give away the entire story, I will offer the following viewpoints.
The storyline was rife with deceipt, struggle, and love. You really don't have to be a sci-fi buff to appreciate these qualities in a film.

I especially appreciated the struggle young Skywalker endured, as he battled with the evils of the dark side. Perhaps more notable was the absence of the beloved Ja Ja Binks :)

Do yourself a favor, and check out the matinee.

I, Robot

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Another action film, which takes place in 2035. Gosh, I do hope to be alive to see that far into the future. The film is full of eerie reminders of why it's not too wise to place all of your trust in technology. The film was based on the company U.S. Robot—from the science fiction novel I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.

However, the film modernized the company name , and changed it to US Robotics. Hmm, the name should ring a bell for the computer saavy people. Alas, US Robotics was an industry leader in dialup modems. Yeah, I still remember those relics :) I used to own a 28.8k v.34 Sportster modem. Gotta keep reminding myself that people still use those things ..

Although, the film held my attention and was not to skimpy on special affects, I don't think it was one of Will Smith's better films. Not that he's had all that many, I did prefer Enemy of State.

I gave I, Robot , 6 of 10 stars. Get the torrent.


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The third such film based on the Marvel Comics character Blade. For those that are not familiar, Wesley Snipes plays the character who is part vampire and human. He is also known as a 'day-walker'. I have seen all three films, and the Trinity is by far the worst in the trilogy.

I found it to be very commercial. If I ever see another shameless plug for Apple Computers, I will scream. The film has too many sub-characters, and I don't believe that there should be another sequel.

The martial arts stunts shown in this film were not on par with earlier Blade films.
I won't add very much detail, but I will offer a suggestion. Don't waste your loot, get the torrent.

The Incredibles

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As promised, I have continued the wildly successful film critiques. This time I'm breaking away from the norm, in that I am reviewing a film animation.
Why is this any different you ask ? Well, I rarely watch cartoons on TV, let alone the silver screen. Besides, most cartoons are way too advanced for children anway.
The Incredibles are no different. While there was no graphic violence or gratuitous nudity, the story line is very mature indeed.

Without giving away the plot, lets just say it deals with adult themes relative to superhuman achievement. All of the characters were done in good taste. The voiceovers even featured well-known talent. The most notable was Samuel Jackson.

Fahrenheit 9/11

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Last week I watched portions of the Democratic National Convention, and was not particularly overwhelmed by Kerry's speech. However, I did appreciate Barak Obama's speech. I suppose it is appropriate to reflect back on the debacle that was the electoral process of 2000. Many people felt betrayed by our gov't. How important is your vote ?

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11, by Michael Moore. If you're not familiar w/Moorer, he also directed a few other notable documentaries(ie. Roger & Me and Bowling for Columbine).
Regardless of your political affiliation, the film sheds light on many curious occurences that took place immediately after 9/11.

I will probably 'google' to check some of the references Moore named in the film. The film is worthy of trip to the theatre. For those that are interested, Moore has 'requested' that the film be dispersed via the internet. It is readily available, simply 'google' for the torrent.

Update: Get the facts to back-up the references mentioned in the F 9/11 film. Ann -Thx for the tip.

Kill Bill Vol. 2

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Figured I would continue my wildly successful commentary of the Kill Bill series. Frankly, I wasn't overwhelmed by the Vol. 1, but I didn't pay to see that one, so I didn't complain.

I acquired the sequel via a bit of distributed computing. If you haven't already done so, check out BitTorrent.
It's far better than some of the other filesharing models (ie Kazaa, WinMX, etc).

Ok, on with the commentary. I found the Vol. 2 to be more believable, in terms of the martial arts content. It actually showed some remnants of Kung-Fu training. I just couldn't fathom a frail, anorexic looking women like Uma Thurman, performing these incredible techniques without tremendous amount of training. As a martial artist, I suppose I always look for a 'hint' of realism in martial arts films. Even, with Uma studying under the watchful eye of Gordon Lui, her prowess would be a stretch. For the sake of argument, let's disregard this for a moment.

Speaking, of Gordon Lui, he is of 'Kung-Fu' Theatre fame. If you're from NY, you'd remember him as the old man with a long Fu-Manchu beard. He starred in countless Hong Kong based films that aired on Channel 5. Lui and Carradine give the film instant street cred.

I did appreciate Carradine's performance in the film. He actually is a martial artist and is most known for his television series, "Kung-Fu".. For all of the trivia fans out there, Bruce Lee was actually, supposed to get the role as "Qui-Chang', but once it was discovered that he was Asian, he lost the role. So, Carradine got the part. Go figure.

Last word: The sequel doesn't have as many fight scenes as did its predecessor; however, the fight scenes are more, should I say 'believable'. Not too much sword play either.

Recommendation, don't spend any loot on this one. Get the Torrent.

Matrix Revolution


Took in Matrix 3 at the IMAX theatre. For those of you who have not experienced a film in an IMAX setting, it is truly a site to behold. The image is much wider than traditional big screens. The acoustics are excellent. Makes your chest thump. Great feeling.
Anyway, I thought that I would provide another brief movie commentary. Lately, I have begun to start checking out movies again. I guess my DiVX collection is getting pretty old. If you enjoyed last Matrix, you will really appreciate the last of the trilogy. Besides the increased role of Nona Gaye, I would have to say that this film was better than the last. It appears that Lawrence Fishburne has really put on alot of weight. Ok. I did promise to give a brief commentary. Do not worry, I will not give away the story, as I hope that you get an opportunity to view the film.

As with the previous Matrix films, you must pay attention to the storyline, otherwise you will not be able to understand the subplots. The city of Zion was discussed in great detail, definitely got a clear idea of the importance of Zion and its affect on the human race. A side note - For those that love Reggae, as I do, the Zion symbolism is very curious to say the least, but that is a different discussion for another time.

The machines and the Oracle get much closer than you might expect. Cannot go into details.

Neo has really evolved into quite a saviour. Neither he nor Morpheus had many fight scenes as the previous Matrix, but suffice to say that most significant fight scene occured at the most appropriate juncture of the film. Well, I will not share any more. Go check out the film and share your thougths.

Kill Bill


With all of the hype and build up surrounding this film, after having viewed it on Friday, I must say it leaves much to be desired. Clearly, it was not a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon incarnate. For instance, Vivica Fox spent much of the past 2-3 months doing television interviews and magazine spreads wearing scantly clad outfits, trying to boost interest in this movie (and her acting career). Had I sneezed in the theater, and reached for a tissue to blow my nose, I would've missed her character. Not very flattering to say the least.
Uma Thurman's character really didn't convince me of her sword prowess. Let's just say that Tarantino should have spent more time developing character. Perhaps showing her in training or something. Don't get me wrong I love femme fatale flicks, in fact, I believe that there should be more of them. I'd love to meet a femme fatale in real life.
Problem with this film, was that too much time was spent on gory special affects and not much on developing any of the characters or the martial arts that the film was based upon.
On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. I rated the film a 6. Download it from KaZaa.

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