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Open Letter to the extreme

This is why it's important to get 'intune' with your hardware. It has the makings of a long standing romance ;) ï½» An Open Letter To My Television

Supernatural - S.P.I.T off the top of the dome

I have always loved freestyles, and Supernat is one of the best. My first introduction to Nat was during session with KRS1 and some of the former D&D Studios all-stars (Fat Joe, Guru, Lord Finesse, etc). I think the set took place at a spot called Roseland in the city (read: Manhattan). One of these days, I'll share it with you..

Believe it or not, the impetus for this post came from a Scoble. Yes, you can actually find useful stuff from the Scobelizer.

Nuff respect due to the Godfather James Brown, the best who ever did it. Hiphop owes him a supreme debt.

second life - revisited

took another look at secondlife,and I can easily see how people get consumed. Nah I didn't get a bottle stuck to my head. However, I did learn to appreciate the richness of the experience. It felt good seeing other noobs trying to figure out the basics. How to change clothes, facial features, etc. I'm keenly interested in changing ethnicity,as I did not secretly wish to be reborn as a caucasion. Anybody know how to do this? I'm all ears. There are many things to do, but I haven't figured out how to hustle in secondlife. Just like the other world, it takes money. I don't have any;-) That's Lindens. The Linux client is still in alpha 1.13.x, works pretty well, and I had no problems accessing the grid. I did not have any bandwidth issues either.

Second Life

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Now that Second Life finally has a Linux client, I plan to experience its reported richness. Though, I'm not a gamer, I would say that I was inspired by a LUGRadio discussion with the Linden Labs CTO, Cory Ondrejka. It appears that people actually create value within the virtual world that then translates to the First Life or Real Life.

Sounds like something I'd really appreciate. Well, more on that later.
Just look for 'Willie Bobo', I'll be that kid out there hustlin ;)

Spycam for the doggie

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Now this is why I love technology. Very good use of bandwidth and cheap image capturing device.

Mark K. Sullivan’s Blog » Blog Archive » Sneaky dog

Perky Clocks

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Hmmm. I've always been guilty of hitting the snooze bar on my alarm clock way too many times, but this is ridiculous.

I'm amazed at the creativity that can be displayed in the name of fun..

Move Over MIT, The Blowfly Alarm Clock Is Here - Gizmodo

Comic relief

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I always wondered how talented one must be to have been a leading politician and also an accomplished athlete. In fact, there have only been a handful (ie. Bill Bradley, Arnold Schwartzenagger, etc). Well, what if former president, Bill Clinton was an accomplished athelete? What would be his sport of choice? Funny stuff. If Sports Figures Were In Politics

Flag Party

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As I stated in an earlier post, I spent a couple of weeks at home. During the time I was in the BK , I read a powerful book, watched Yankee baseball, and even got a chance to eat a pretty good Haitian restaurant (thx Edwige).

Additionally, I also got a chance to see my pops off on his first trip overseas in nearly 15yrs. He'll be visiting Amsterdam and Israel. If I weren't suffering through grad school, I would've joined him.

Perhaps the highlight of my stay (secretly the real reason I went home), was Eastern P'kwy jaunt, or West Indian Carnival. Leading up to the parade, there are many night parties. I got a chance to hit Club Tobago in Qns. Nuff calypso and reggae for the whole night. I'd forgotten about the wining skills of the yard girls dem. Anyway, about the parade..

I've been to several parades on the p'kwy, and each year there are many more Jamaican floats loaded with choice dancehall celebs (ie Beenie Man, Shinehead, Mr. Vegas, Capleton, Sizzla, etc.), but this year was different. There must have been four or five Haitian floats, which had a fairly large contingency. In fact, the Trini floats did not seem to have very much fanfare this year.

The float shown in the caption above vowed to donate any winnings to the Katrina disaster relief effort in La.

Block Parties

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Street festivals are part of the many attractions that make NYC quite different than other cities. As a young child and teenager, I always looked forward to the Atlantic Antic or the Labor Day parade(more on this in a future post).

I always enjoyed crush of the people and the delicious food and unique sights and sounds.
People would always have their sound 'equipment' on the street with police barracades. The private block parties dwindled in the early to mid-90's due police permits and a bit of gun play.

So, whenever I do get a glimpse of private block party, I get hit with a bit of nostalgia.
Good vibes..

Block Parties, Street Fairs, Street Festivals (Gotham Gazette. August, 2005)

FedEx furniture

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I stumbled across this site while perusing slashdot. It seems that FedEx was not too happy with the ingenious use of spare boxes. Very clever and pretty humourous too.


GPS underwear

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Now, I've seen it all. First there were edible panties, now we've got searchable panties. GPS is very cool, but if you've got to keep your punani , on lockdown, I'm not sure I'd want it very much.

Techie Diva's Guide to Gadgets: GPS Panties

The Prodigal Son has resurfaced

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Recent reports of Dave Chappelle's demise are indeed overrated. It appears that Time Magazine had a brief interview with the popular comedian.

american black: Dave Chappelle Speaks


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Ok. All of you Rube Goldberg fans will like this one. Discovered this complex machine while doing some routine surfing.
Take a look at this short movie
If you are bandwidth challenged, you might simply wish to see the contraption photos.

Break from the ordinary

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For all of you who think that I'm all work and no play.
Check out one of the elements of hip-hop, that I love so well.

If you want to see others, check out Cool Clips.

Distorted Soul

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The term live entertainment is used rather loosely when associated with live bands. Typically, I have visions of the Atlantic City variety. Some of you may be familiar with these types of bands. Well, last evening I got an opportunity to support an underground talent. Nadir and his five piece band, Distorted Soul, put on quite a show. I had heard some of his music via his website, but had not listened to any of the selections in their entirety. I was pleasantly surprised.

One item of note was their rendition of the Teddy P, "Love TKO." I have never heard the melody done in such an 'uptempo' fashion. Not sure what Teddy would say :)
Creative license for sure. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the music and stage show.

I suppose the bigger question, is how do we get underground talent onto mainstream radio, so that everyone can have the opportunity to hear quality music. I believe it's unlikeley that Nadir would subject himself to the typical A&R tale; whereas, he have to do a video next to swimming pool teeming with hot females dressed in thong bikinis. Or would he ? BET/MTV formulas for sure.

It appears that this is the avenue that must be traversed by underground talent. Definitely a fine line for artistic freedom.

Shock Value


Perhaps one of the best side attractions of the Super Bowl are the commercials and the half-time show. Thus far the commercials have been pretty tame, but the Janet Jackson stage show was rather interesting.

I always thought that the world stage football game, was designed with the family audience in mind. However, after getting a peep of Janet's left nipple, I knew that CBS was after ratings.

Certainly the first time that I've witnessed that in any sporting event half-time show.

Oh yeah, the game was classic. Wouldn't say it was better than the Giants vs. Bills game tho.

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