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Over the past few weeks I have had the unusual experience of meeting two authors of books that were in my personal library.  In fact in both cases, I actually had their books in possession and the respective authors very graciously signed them for me.  The first instance of this happening took place earlier this month, as I was heading home to NYC to see family.  I noticed a gentlemen sporting a BSD daemon on his t-shirt. To my surprise he was heading to the NYCBSDcon. I figured he was a FreeBSD advocate, so I teased him by stating that I preferred OpenBSD.  As expected, I easily sparked a conversation, and it turned out the gentlemen was Michael Lucas. I have purchased three of Lucas's books.  

Absolute OpenBSD

Absolute OpenBSD (Photo credit: AG_)

The DNSSec book was in my
back pack so I pulled it out for his signature. He was delighted on two accounts. Firstly, that I recognized him in a crowded airport and secondly that I owned one of his least selling books.  I suppose DNS isn't really a very sexy subject.  He suggested to me that I really understand BIND prior to tackling DNSSEC.

He mentioned that he would be doing a talk at the conference and asked if I were going to be in attendance.  Truth is I would have loved to attend the conference. The venue was to take place in a bar called Suspenders??  That alone sounded intriguing.  I'll have to download the talks soon, as I am sure they are available online now.

I ran into him again on the return flight, and I figured by now he thought I was stalking him.. Very interesting indeed. I finally have my entry way into the BSD community. Hope to run into him again at some of the local cons.

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