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Credit cards Français : Cartes de crédit Italiano: Carte di credito ???????: ?????????? ????? Ti?ng Vi?t: Th? tín d?ng ??: ??? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a self-proclaimed autodidact; however, there are certain disciplines that mandate a bit more academics.  Somehow, I think banking is one of these skills, where simple seniority is not nearly enough. On occasion I actually have to go into the lobby to perform human banking transactions, such as credit card cash advances. Recently, I requested a cash advance and was denied. The rationale was, "Sir that is impossible, you could not have done that here", the individual appeared to be the most experienced person on the floor. In fact, the other staffers requested her by name. Obviously, I was annoyed by her flippant response to my request. Because, I knew that I could simply leave this banking institution and patronize another located just 10minutes away, my choice was not to _educate_ her on the spot. 
In truth, it took a great deal for me to hold back the urge to break the cycle of ignorance.

Obviously, this individual had issues with being wrong and did not wish to be challenged in front of her peers. AFAIK, all credit cards will honor cash advance. It is the responsibility of your banking institutions (ie credit union or bank)  to understand how to execute the request of the patron. Simply stating it is impossible and then having someone prove you wrong could be embarrassing. If you are going to work in the service industry, it would be prudent to eat humble pie and error on the side of caution.

Essentially, this individual was very comfortable to uphold status-quo within an industry that should be more flexible and has been plagued by hubris and unwillingness to change to support its diverse clientele.  If we happen to meet again, I am certain that I will be less forgiving.

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