Destiny Intersections

I became a father shortly after Inauguration Day. My wife and I are truly blessed beyond measure.  It was not long ago that I got married and obviously my life changed forever. The life of father and husband can be very challenging to say the least, but it is an awesome responsibility that I embrace with an open mind and abundant exuberance.

Clearly I do not have all the answers and I do not know what lies behind the proverbial "Door #1", as Monte Hall used to say. Nonetheless, I press on with wonderment and anticipation.  Our son completes the cipher for me in a number of ways. The coined phrase, "Paying it Forward" comes to mind often. Those of you know me well, understand that I was adopted at a young age. My pops was in his late 30's when he gave me the gift of protection, love and a permanent home.  Now that I am +40, I know and understand that raising a child is an awesome responsibility.  Coming home after a long day at the office now offers more meaning and now I am _pops_ the caregiver and protector. Truth be told, I cannot wait until he is old enough to catch a football, basketball or baseball. Then we can bond even further and share everlasting memories. There are some memories that only a father can enjoy with his son.

So, if you see me and I appear different there is a tangible reason for the change. Some will say it is sleep deprivation, but I believe it is much more. I am a proud pops who is excited about his new found responsibilities and the ability to shape and mold the life a very impressionable infant. I am looking forward to the wonder years and beyond. 

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