Virtues of the Open Source Telephony Platform

As promised the show notes from the recorded conversation we had at Astricon.

I also submitted this discussion as an episode for HPR

Guests - Randy Resnick, Allison Smith, Eric Ostenberg, Kevin Bushong

Randy discusses the history of the VUC (VoIP Users Conference)->
Early Talkshoe days (RIP Talkshoe), pre-dates mumble servers.
Allison (voice of Asterisk) explains how she got involved with the telephony and asterisk in general.

She graciously authenticates herself with a genuine echo test ;-)   
Eric and Kevin wax poetic about their early experiences with telcos and telephony.
Everyone talks about some of the useful features and applications within Asterisk.

  • DISA
  • chan_dahdi
  • SIP
  • g722 codec

We later get into what we believe asterisk will become in the future.

  • Supplement GSM networks
  • Automobile telematics (sunzofman1 has a special place in his heart for telematics)

Host encourages everyone to contribute a HPR show!

Download mp3 (48.55min || 34MB)

Download ogg  (48.55min || 23MB)

Update: Broken link fixed. Sorry but I do not have access to raw audio, so I could not share the audio in totally free ogg format.

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