Dark Knight Rises

Were it not for the Batman trilogy, I believe DC comics would be totally irrelevant on the big screen. I thoroughly enjoyed this flick. In fact, I did not offer much resistance when she insisted that she wanted to see it three times. As a rule, I never pay for a film twice, let alone thrice. Nonetheless, this was an exception.  There were so many subliminal messages embedded inside of the work, that it is somewhat difficult to capture them. Methinks it was the best film that I watched all year.

Some general thoughts or themes which grabbed my attention

  • Courage
  • Faith
  • Honor
DC Comics

DC Comics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I found interesting was the manner in which Batman was broken both literally and figuratively.  The prison of the mind is powerful, yet debilitating weapon. Without giving away the entire plot and backdrop of the movie, Dark Knight Rises, presents the audience with a myriad of events which help both protagonist and antagonist shine supremely.

The much older Batman is indeed mortal, and it should throughout the film. It took a huge brand of courage to prove that he could defeat the very wicked villain.  Escaping the mind prison was perhaps the best part of the film. Yes, it is "possible", if you have faith and courage to manifest the vision. These are indeed life lessons for the multitude.

Lastly, honor was indeed an undercurrent through out this flick. We are finally introduced to the boy wonder and bat girl. Both learned about honor in very different ways.  My namesake also experienced his tragic lesson of honor as well. Very well orchestrate plot and clearly well worth the coin spent.
Yes, I will also grab the torrent for safe keeping. 
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