Astricon 2012

Enjoying my first experience at Astricon. This conference marks the first application specific conference which I have participated. It was great to have direct discussions with people who either lead asterisk or VoIP related project. I met VUC (VoIP User Conference) organizer Randy Resnick. Also had the pleasure of meeting Mark Spencer founder of the Asterisk project. Allison Smith (voice of Asterisk) was also conversing with conference attendees.

Yesterday there was a great conversation on the DAHDI drivers which provide the appropriate timers for app_meetme and asterisk in general. According to the project lead, there is a possibility that DAHDI will make it into mainline asterisk tree.

Most of my time has been spent in the Security and Cloud tracks.  Unfortunately, the tutorial development tracks happen at the same time. You can not participate in all tracks at the same time.

Asterisk (PBX)

Asterisk (PBX) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thus far I have   I attended the following presentations:

Intro to Asterisk Development - Shaun Ruffell

Configuration Framework - Joshua Culp

Asterisk Manager Interface - Matt Riddell

Today's Service Provider More than Just SIP Trunks - Kerry Garrison

Found in the Wild: Telecom Fraud and Security Problems - Eric Klein

FreePBX Roadmap - Philippe Lindheimer

The keynote conversations were rather interesting too. SugarCRM CTO and co-founder, Clint Oram was the opening keynote.  He briefly spoke about SugarCRM and asterisk integration. He mentioned YAAI (Yet Another Asterisk Integrator) application in his talk. I believe that you can find YAAI in Sugar Forge. Clint fielded some questions, I asked him about the Open Core model and the subsequent riff that is pervasive in the Open Source community concerning this topic. For anyone unfamiliar with this particular conversation, I encourage you to listen to this John Mertic and Simon Phipps exchange.  Someone also asked Clint about community code finding its way into the SugarCRM commercial product.  Clint answered this question as best he could, but methinks the whole Open Core model is fraught with peril, and does not lend itself to extending the value of Open Source in a very robust way.

Ben Klang gave a great demo on coupling adhearsion, asterisk, and sugarcrm. This was of particular interest to me as I have been exploring some of the REST libraries that have recently sprung around SugarCRM.  Frankly, I am not surprised that there aren't better examples of asterisk and sugarcrm integrations. I suspect it has alot to do with the fact that business applications are not very sexy to geeks. Secondly, the open core model is not really helping the sugarcrm community edition grow at the same rate as the commercial offering. I know and understand that developers need to be paid, but if the innovations are not fed back upstream I believe the community edition product will eventually wither on the vine. 

Prior to leaving the conference, I had a great conversation with a several asterisk enthusiast. However, one of these conversations was recorded for hacker public radio .

Randy Resnick of VUC fame was gracious enough to provide a great near field microphone for the cause and the quality of the audio was superb. I'll post the audio and the show notes in a separate blog entry.

If you have any interest in open source telephony, Astricon is a great conference to attend.

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