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Virtues of the Open Source Telephony Platform

As promised the show notes from the recorded conversation we had at Astricon.

I also submitted this discussion as an episode for HPR

Guests - Randy Resnick, Allison Smith, Eric Ostenberg, Kevin Bushong

Randy discusses the history of the VUC (VoIP Users Conference)->  http://vuc.me
Early Talkshoe days (RIP Talkshoe), pre-dates mumble servers.
Allison (voice of Asterisk) explains how she got involved with the telephony and asterisk in general.

She graciously authenticates herself with a genuine echo test ;-)   
Eric and Kevin wax poetic about their early experiences with telcos and telephony.
Everyone talks about some of the useful features and applications within Asterisk.

  • DISA
  • chan_dahdi
  • SIP
  • g722 codec

We later get into what we believe asterisk will become in the future.

  • Supplement GSM networks
  • Automobile telematics (sunzofman1 has a special place in his heart for telematics)

Host encourages everyone to contribute a HPR show!

Download mp3 (48.55min || 34MB)

Download ogg  (48.55min || 23MB)

Update: Broken link fixed. Sorry but I do not have access to raw audio, so I could not share the audio in totally free ogg format.

Astricon 2012

Enjoying my first experience at Astricon. This conference marks the first application specific conference which I have participated. It was great to have direct discussions with people who either lead asterisk or VoIP related project. I met VUC (VoIP User Conference) organizer Randy Resnick. Also had the pleasure of meeting Mark Spencer founder of the Asterisk project. Allison Smith (voice of Asterisk) was also conversing with conference attendees.

Yesterday there was a great conversation on the DAHDI drivers which provide the appropriate timers for app_meetme and asterisk in general. According to the project lead, there is a possibility that DAHDI will make it into mainline asterisk tree.

Most of my time has been spent in the Security and Cloud tracks.  Unfortunately, the tutorial development tracks happen at the same time. You can not participate in all tracks at the same time.

Asterisk (PBX)

Asterisk (PBX) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thus far I have   I attended the following presentations:

Intro to Asterisk Development - Shaun Ruffell

Configuration Framework - Joshua Culp

Asterisk Manager Interface - Matt Riddell

Today's Service Provider More than Just SIP Trunks - Kerry Garrison

Found in the Wild: Telecom Fraud and Security Problems - Eric Klein

FreePBX Roadmap - Philippe Lindheimer

The keynote conversations were rather interesting too. SugarCRM CTO and co-founder, Clint Oram was the opening keynote.  He briefly spoke about SugarCRM and asterisk integration. He mentioned YAAI (Yet Another Asterisk Integrator) application in his talk. I believe that you can find YAAI in Sugar Forge. Clint fielded some questions, I asked him about the Open Core model and the subsequent riff that is pervasive in the Open Source community concerning this topic. For anyone unfamiliar with this particular conversation, I encourage you to listen to this John Mertic and Simon Phipps exchange.  Someone also asked Clint about community code finding its way into the SugarCRM commercial product.  Clint answered this question as best he could, but methinks the whole Open Core model is fraught with peril, and does not lend itself to extending the value of Open Source in a very robust way.

Ben Klang gave a great demo on coupling adhearsion, asterisk, and sugarcrm. This was of particular interest to me as I have been exploring some of the REST libraries that have recently sprung around SugarCRM.  Frankly, I am not surprised that there aren't better examples of asterisk and sugarcrm integrations. I suspect it has alot to do with the fact that business applications are not very sexy to geeks. Secondly, the open core model is not really helping the sugarcrm community edition grow at the same rate as the commercial offering. I know and understand that developers need to be paid, but if the innovations are not fed back upstream I believe the community edition product will eventually wither on the vine. 

Prior to leaving the conference, I had a great conversation with a several asterisk enthusiast. However, one of these conversations was recorded for hacker public radio .

Randy Resnick of VUC fame was gracious enough to provide a great near field microphone for the cause and the quality of the audio was superb. I'll post the audio and the show notes in a separate blog entry.

If you have any interest in open source telephony, Astricon is a great conference to attend.


Dark Knight Rises

Were it not for the Batman trilogy, I believe DC comics would be totally irrelevant on the big screen. I thoroughly enjoyed this flick. In fact, I did not offer much resistance when she insisted that she wanted to see it three times. As a rule, I never pay for a film twice, let alone thrice. Nonetheless, this was an exception.  There were so many subliminal messages embedded inside of the work, that it is somewhat difficult to capture them. Methinks it was the best film that I watched all year.

Some general thoughts or themes which grabbed my attention

  • Courage
  • Faith
  • Honor
DC Comics

DC Comics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I found interesting was the manner in which Batman was broken both literally and figuratively.  The prison of the mind is powerful, yet debilitating weapon. Without giving away the entire plot and backdrop of the movie, Dark Knight Rises, presents the audience with a myriad of events which help both protagonist and antagonist shine supremely.

The much older Batman is indeed mortal, and it should throughout the film. It took a huge brand of courage to prove that he could defeat the very wicked villain.  Escaping the mind prison was perhaps the best part of the film. Yes, it is "possible", if you have faith and courage to manifest the vision. These are indeed life lessons for the multitude.

Lastly, honor was indeed an undercurrent through out this flick. We are finally introduced to the boy wonder and bat girl. Both learned about honor in very different ways.  My namesake also experienced his tragic lesson of honor as well. Very well orchestrate plot and clearly well worth the coin spent.
Yes, I will also grab the torrent for safe keeping. 

Time to Step Up

I'm appalled at the lack of leadership on behalf of the Bx Bombers. I realize that they are a much older club now, but it is very disheartening to watch these guys flail at pitches out of the strike zone.  Jeter and Rivera are down with season ending injuries, and Alex Rodriguez seems to have lost his confidence. In a season, where they have had to battle for every inch of success just to keep the upstart Baltimore Orioles from stealing AL East Division, I am baffled at their play against Detroit.

I am not taking anything away from the Tigers pitching rotation, but how can you explain the anemic batting averages of Rodriguez, Cano, and Teixeira? Who is going to stand up and be accountable for this effort?  Benching A-Rod has done nothing for his confidence, but it was certainly warranted. However, his replacement at 3rd base has not fared well at all. Chavez 0-12 with six strikeouts in the ALCS.  At this point, I would tell Joe Girardi to simply challenge A-Rod and Cano. You cannot allow either of them to hide. If A-Rod is to fail, so be it. His Yankee legacy will be written as appropriate, he will be judged well before he is eligible for Cooperstown. In a weird way, I think Girardi has been protecting A-Rod from embarrassment during his most recent slump by pinch hitting for him in tight spots.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ibanez has been a true professional and really has made the Yankee postseason enjoyable to watch. However, this will never be Ibanez's ballclub to lead. That job is for Cano or Rodriguez (now that Jeter is gone for the rest of the postseason) should they choose to embrace it.  To date neither one of them has shown any signs of willingness to step up their game and punch someone in the fscking  mouth. Their approach has been lethargic and devoid of any emotion. In Game 1 of the ALCS, the Bombers stranded approximately 16 men on base through 12 innings of baseball. This is an astounding number and you simply cannot be victorious under any circumstances with that sort of poor offensive numbers.

Swisher and Granderson have also been missing in action. In fact, I believe the Yanks will allow Swisher to walk in the off-season. He simply has not been very reliable defensively or offensively this postseason.  His offensive numbers were also putrid during the 2011 MLB post season too. Granderson seems to have regressed from his very disciplined 2011 campaign, he can't seem to hit lefties at all anymore.

Let's talk about the starting rotation. Pettitte, Kuroda, and now Hughes have been forced to become nearly perfect.  Obviously this is due to the anemic offense (of course with the exception of Ibanez). What has been working is their pitching. I have been very impressed with their starters thus far. How long can their starters pitch shutout ball deep into the late innings?  Tuesday Phil Hughes will take the mound, and faceoff against Verlander.  A tall order, but the Yankees have roughed up and chased Verlander during the regular season (June 3, 2012 Hughes defeated Verlander). Perhaps they will remember this fact when the series shifts to Detroit on Tuesday evening.

If the Yankees can pull out a victory, they will have their ace Sabathia take the mound on Wednesday with an opportunity to tie the series at 2-2. No the ALCS is far from over, if the Bombers can collectively decided to hit to all fields and force Detroit to throw strikes, they can actually become competitive again.  As stated earlier, Cano and Rodriguez will need to take center stage and the others will follow this leadership.  In the absence of their captain Derek Jeter, someone else must decide to let their play speak rather loudly. What better time than the present?

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