Speech For Freedom

Yet another movie review. I'm sure most of you will appreciate this one ;-) My wife has educated me on speech disorders and "The King's Speech" seemed like an interesting film. Without giving away the entire plot, one could really sympathize with the main character despite his hubris, I found myself hoping that he would succeed.

Humans typically create barriers where there are none simply because they are different. For instance, if one spat saliva each time they spoke in close proximity to other people, would it be appropriate for them to stop speaking all together?  If the individual is deeply subconscious about their nasty habit, they may actually withdraw from close contact with others.  Obviously, I'm talking about an extreme case, as I know people that spit each time they talk to me. These people still don't seem to have any problem striking up a conversation. Hopefully, you get the idea ;-)

From what I understand, speech impediments can be corrected if detected early. They are more difficult to modify or eradicate in adulthood due to fragility of egos.  This film certainly addressed that point very clearly.  The main character earned his liberation my facing his deep rooted fear of ridicule and persecution.  Everyone has demons that we cannot bear to face head on.

In this film, the king gained liberation by actually becoming humble and seeking help. He would later discover freedom and triumph by ridding himself of self doubt. Many people talk about freedom of speech, but this character took the cliche a step further.  In learning to speak without fear of ridicule or chastisement he was able to exorcise demons that were deeply rooted in his childhood. 

Good flick.. Peep it in the theater or grab the torrent.

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