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If ever there was a film that had many subliminal messages, this would have to be it. Try as I might, I really didn't remember much from the original flick. However, I do remember the Tron, the classic arcade game.  Without spoiling the plot for those that have not seen it, I really enjoyed the fact that Linux CLI was prominently displayed in various aspects. Perhaps most interesting was the parodies against Apple or M$. I'd say the parody is closest to that Cupertino company. 

The concept of giving software aware for no cost for the sake of understanding and appreciation was broached in this movie.

Freedom against all commercial software at all costs. The outcome is learning, discovery and mastery. What a beautiful message to push to the masses.

It also has an interesting philosophical take on engineering. In my words, engineering is the manifestation of the perfect likeness. More specifically the ability to manufacture artificial entities for the improvement of the human condition. The grid is metaphorically that perfect likeness or incredible engineering feat. Choosing between human interaction and the quest for perfection can be quite difficult.

Definitely a thought provoking movie. Perhaps I thought too deeply about the undertones and the subliminal messages; nonetheless, I would suspect that even the casual sci-fi observer would have appreciated this work.

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