BIT Interview - Episode 1

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking with Greg Greenlee, one of the co-founders of Blacks In Technology. Actually, I met he and his other half Ron Hash (coolest name on the planet) at Ohio Linux Fest. Greg and I discussed engineering, entrepreneurship and the dearth of people of color in areas of technology. I must admit that it was very different having to be the person answering the questions. *Sigh* Eventually, I will resurrect my wayward netcast. It will have to be a different format, and I'll probably work with a co-host too.

Anyway, I'm not sure if there are any shownotes posted on the BIT site. For those who are not familiar with Blacks In Technology community site, as Greg explained. The site was designed to help inspire people of color who are under represented in technical fields. Basically a peer mentoring site. He also describes BIT endeavoring to do some video blogging and netcasts designed to showcase black engineers who are actually working or self-taught in the area of Information Technology. Definitely a worthwhile project..

I will probably package an ogg vorbis container for the discussion at a later date.

 Download mp3 (67.10min || 47MB)
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