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I've known for at least 3 weeks that all of the .mp3 files which I have hosted on Odeo.com are no longer being served.  Apparently, Odeo.com is the latest so-called web2.0 company to have gone belly up. I have had problems with their services in the past and publicly blasted them on Twitter.  I only used their services because I wanted to conserve my disk space on the webserver that host my blog.  I have since increased the disk space and I also have a bit of redundancy on a BSD box.  So I essentially, no longer need to fool with Odeo. Being lazy will always bite you in the ass ;-)

Typically, the outages lasted only a couple weeks. The current outage has been ongoing for months. The problems are only exacerbated by the lack of communication.  Odeo seems not to be able to use any public medium (RSS feeds, Twitter, email, blog, etc) to convey technical challenges.

Luckily, I have copies of every file which I had uploaded to their servers. I'll eventually get around to modifying the path of all of these files. If I could kill non-free mp3 all together I would. However, my wayward netcast "AG Speaks" listenership has dwindled to a precious few. This is due to the fact that I've not published a show in over 1yr ;-)  I have not killed the show, but it has been on hiatus. The show will be resurrected under a different name, but not sure what the name will be though.  I suppose I should be thankful for Odeo's poor communication, as it helped me identify a problem which existed on serving of my ogg files.
Funny how that stuff works. Someone pointed out that the mp3 files had stopped working, I quickly suggested that the free unencumbered ogg vorbis format should be used instead.
As my luck would have it, there was a mild Apache virtual server configuration. I'm happy to state that these problems have been resolved. The ogg files are available again.  If you are still interested in the old show files, please grab the ogg files. I plan to fix the mp3 audio links in the next few days.

Once again, I'm reminded of the frailties of using a third party data broker. Nothing is every truly free.
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