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This entry was inspired by my buddy Ed Dunn. Thought it would be interesting to reflect on a recent post. It would appear that lurkers have not blessed him with courtesy of a comment as a method of showing appreciating for his work. He really has begun to share much more content over the past 2yrs. I had the pleasure of having him on my show on AG Speaks Episode 16. Heh, one day soon I'll add all of the social media links and also revise the RSS Feeds on my blog. Clearly, I have lost some of my readership due to my activity on other social media sites. Ironically, I had berated others for not understanding blogging or at least abandoning their blogs in favor of hosted social media sites.

Now, I would not advocate threatening your readers into de-cloaking or de-lurking as Dunn describes it. IMHO everyone has a right to peruse without feeling obligated to leave a comment. I believe that because people are trying to make money from blogging some tend to get offended by people not commenting. I suppose the effort and time it takes to publish a useful blog entry should be rewarded by a comment. I really don't worry about it very much.

When I published an average of 12-15 entries per month, I had a fairly good number of comments. I was also running a netcast, so there was a good number of visitors that simply wanted to listen to my show. Now that I'm down to 4-5 blog entries per month, I can understand the dearth of visitor comments.

As mentioned earlier, well positioned RSS feeds for all of my tertiary content will help readers re-connect.

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