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As time passes you learn to appreciate time with family and friends. This weekend my beloved BTHS will have its annual homecoming. My graduation class and others will be honored in the festivities. I volunteered to be a class representative and took part in much of the planning. Working with this disparate group was very rewarding. Our team was spread across the country, with the largest contingency in the Tri-State area. Silver is quite precious indeed, so it is understandable that much detail and angst was required to prepare for this event.

In order help organize the thoughts of the planning committee, I build a wiki using tiki-wiki. The utility of the software was quite good and afforded everyone the opportunity to share information fairly seamlessly. Though much of the wiki activity has waned in final weeks leading up to the end of our project, I would submit that all of the planning has been archived for posterity sake. Perhaps over graduating classes could benefit from our hard work ;-)

Social media played larger role in the preparation for the Silver Reunion as compared to our 20th Reunion. Various classmates became part of our Facebook, LinkedIn and social networks. I would submit that securing this critical mass of people would not have been quite as easy 5yrs prior. I believe snail mail and phone calls were the methods used by our 20yr Reunion class representatives. Hell, we even had a viral video that we posted to YouTube to help with hyping the event.

We have secured our own paparazzi for this event. Basically we did a bit of crowd sourcing.. More on this later.

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