Confessions of an Anonymous Facebook Employee

Facebook, Inc.

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I'm always fascinated with the stuff people data mine about others. It is not surprising that FBOOK can harvest this sort of information. Why should anyone else be amazed? In the wilds of the Interweb, anything is fair game. This is particularly true when folks give their ish away for the sake of convenience. I suppose when it comes to ad revenue everybody is evil.

According to Zuckerberg, privacy is a thing of the past. Well kiss my ass ;-)
My suggestion has always been to be mindful of what you share and be very clear about who really owns the data. Even if you've unknowingly hired an ad broker (aka GOOG), or photo curator (aka flickr) or you've decided against learning basic HTML so that you could quickly host a webpage and share pictures with friends (aka myspace and facebook)... You give up your rights almost immediately.

Facebook Confessions

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