Blog Disclaimer As Per The New FTC Guidelines

Hmmm. I wonder how many folks will actually honor this edict. Personally, I know of several folks who only blog in an attempt to steer people to ads. Call me altruistic, but blogging is hard work. Nonetheless, I have always enjoyed it immensely. Methinks that micro-blogging and other forms of social networking are over estimated in terms of their contribution to the so-called erosion of traditional blogging.

As I've stated previously in this space, long after Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking tools disappear the blogosphere will remain strong. This is particular true due to the fact that people wish to share their own form of journalism to keep mainstream news media honest. Although, there are countless crap blogs that resemble road kill (ie Blogspot), there are still countless others that provide useful information. Don't get me wrong, I don't knock folks hustling to get page views and people that love to see GOOG get richer with their ad revenue. I simply do not believe that there is any longevity in this model. Eventually this sort of revenue model drys out, and it really does not scale very well.

The following article is interesting, but I would call it a rule that cannot be enforced. I think the blogosphere will likely police itself. Garbage blogs eventually wither on the vines anyway. Remember blogging is hard work. Putting out relevant content discourages people that are looking for page views and ad revenue.
FTC Blog Disclaimer Guidelines

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