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Just returned from a very wonderful excursion with my lovely bride. Spent a week in Antigua. Great island and nice people. Heh, it reminded me of fantasy island, well almost. Got an opportunity to do some kayaking and I ate like a pig. Nuff' alcohol flowed, drinking at 12pm was a new experience, but quite fun indeed. I must have consumed 30 white russians and 30 banana sip sops. The food was equally delicious, as it does seem that Sandals resorts spent a great deal of time preparing the experience around a huge variety of gourmet cuisine.

The resort was full of "continentals" as locals would say. Lots of Brits and other Europeans. It also appeared that there weren't very many natives on the managerial team. I suppose that is topic for another blog entry. Must also mention that my pseudo new Nokia N800 was a boon for all. When we arrived at Antigua, my trusty old 'unlocked' Treo 650 happily picked up the LIME network, as the AT&T network was unavailable on the island. My wife was lugging around a locked but highly fashionable iPhone that pretty much served as a very expensive doorstop the entire trip. Nonetheless, the iPhone did see the LIME network, but refused to connect and actually warned its owner about the exorbitant fees. Meanwhile, I was able to make calls back to our Asterisk PBX with my unlocked Treo without issue. That was until a winter storm hit MI, and power was lost.. Somehow, I must remember to change the BIOS settings on all of my critical servers. I digress. Since I was advised not bring a notebook computer to Antigua the N800 helped me honor my commitment and still stay connected.
Because the Wi-Fi was sporadic in the room, I didn't bother setting up the softphone on the N800 (Gizmo or G-Talk) would have worked quite well. The next trip I make, I'll be sure to grab a huge compliment of movies and netcasts to be stored on my micro-SD. Gotta love the N800 for a c-note.

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