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As the Bx Bombers stand at the precipice of their 27th Word Series Title I am bemused about all of the hoopla surrounding veteran lefty Andy Pettitte second WS start on short rest. Many talk show pundits have chosen to focus on negative than the positive. Judging from the comments, you would think that the Yanks trail the Fall Classic 3-2.

The theory is that starting pitchers are most effective on full rest vs. those that pitch on short rest. Yankee skipper Joe Girardi has rolled the dice and decided to have his most effective starters pitch on short rest in an effort to avoid using Godin, their fourth starter who last pitched nearly thirty-five days ago. I do not believe it makes much sense to avoid pitching their most seasoned veterans on short rest.

I suppose it is unfair that I write this while watching the Yanks pour it on the hapless Phils. Pettitte looks very strong now. Hideki Matsui is having a monster Game 6, quite remarkable indeed. I do believe he is in a contract year, funny how that works ;-)

Andy now has the most post-season victories of any active starting pitcher. Not bad company whatsoever. I would imagine the naysayers would be squelched with another quality start from the big left-hander. When you look at the 09' Yankees you really must marvel at the Quad Core and the talented blend of youth. Pettitte, Posada, Jeter and Mo Rivera. These guys still set the tone and show the good example. The youth corps of Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, Robinson Cano and Cabrera. Clearly reminds me of the process that made dynasties of 96-01 so formidable.
Should they emerge triumphant tonight, we could be witnessing another robust title run in the making, stay tuned..

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