30 Days with Tiki Wiki

Now that I have been using Tiki Wiki for slightly over 1 month, it probably makes sense to offer a critique at this juncture.

*From a social perspective -
I must say that I am impressed that most members of the team have eagerly challenged this pseudo new technology. Methinks learning by doing is always the key to success, particularly when the learning curve is steep. There will always be bugs or nuances that cannot quite be explained, nonetheless you have to be willing to stick your toe in the pool and then gradually wade to the deeper water.

*From a technical perspective -
I chose to hide the wiki syntax from all of the users because it can be somewhat confusing, even for those that are familiar with HTML syntax. I have also noticed that RSS modules do not seem to be working as desired. In an effort to reduce the amount of time that our team spends trudging over to Facebook and Y! Groups, I spent an inordinate amount of time playing with Y! Pipes to help syndicate the content in both areas. The result has not been very good. While the Y! pipe seems to work, when I place the resulting feed in my Bloglines news reader, I receive a weird "access denied" message. It appears to be some sort of permissions issue, but I have not been able to narrow it down. I'll keep hacking.

The wiki is indeed feature rich, it will even post on the fly email messages destined for a particular forum thread provided that you point it to a POP server. Clearly we will never make use of all its features (ie newsletter, polls, team member blogs, etc), but it is great to have the tools.

Perhaps the feature I enjoy best is that the wiki admin feature gives you a choice of saving files to the filesystem or simply writing changes back to the database. I chose the latter, thus I can save precious disk space on my web server.

Overall the response has been favorable and the experiment could be described as positive.
I suppose the next step will be making regular back-ups to the database and wiki subdirectory, so that I will not run the risk of losing our hard work.

If after 120 days we deliver a quality Silver Anniversary, I will rate the experiment a success.

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