Neuros OSD

Neuros OSD

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I purchased this device roughly a year ago and it collected dust for nearly six months after purchase. I just never seemed to have the time to set it up. One day after listening to an episode of TLLTS, where Neuros OSD project founder Joe Born expounding on the OSD (Open Source Device) and its successor (Link), I figured that I would take it out the box.

For whatever reason, I had problems getting my TV to play nice with it. The remote worked fine, but I could not get the video out working. After spending a bit of time sending email to the mailing list and the ubiquitous GOOG searching. I decided that I would send an email to Joe Born.

Mr. Born was very happy to help me. In the true spirit of an Open Source, he was willing to share solutions. Even when my own hubris got in the way, Joe always took the position that the device should just work. I got the feeling that he assumed a personal responsibility to make sure that neither he nor Neuros Technology would leave any customer behind. A very refreshing perspective indeed. Particularly since the OSD is a first generation device for the Neuros company. It has already been superseded by their next model hardware. The Link. So, he really did not have to help me.

Well, I did get it working. As it turned out the Sony TV would display the OSD menu system on the DBS TV display option and not Video 1 output. The OSD is serving the role as a video extender, so it can play all of my video that is served up via NFS on my Promise NS4300n NAS.

I have only encountered a couple of problems. From the photo, you can tell that I've got every port occupied. The 16GB compact flash houses the Arizona firmware which of course runs Linux (2.6.x kernel).

It would be great if their was a means to reliably handle video using Wi-Fi. The CAT5 connection looks hideous, as I have to run a very long cable run to the device. This is more of an aesthetic problem and not a technical one.

After I setup the network settings and flashed the device, I was able to grab roughly six firmware updates. As I stated earlier, it had been sitting in a box for quite awhile. I like the ability to grab YouTube videos and play them on my TV. Only problem is the GOOG continues to change the manner of which videoclips are streamed or at least stored on their servers. Moreover, I am not sure if their are any Neuros developers still working on Arizona firmware updates. I would imagine that people simply have become weary of the moving target that is YouTube / GOOG video storage. Nonetheless, python scripts like 'youtube-dl' work just fine and I have been able to grab files from YouTube. Who knows, I'll have to visit #neuros or their mailing list to see if anyone has a solution.

Bottom line, I luv the device and it simply just works.

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