It's Seminar Time Again - Tang Soo !

It has been awhile since I talked about my martial arts training. To be clear, I am still working out, but not nearly as much as years past. This is due in large part to life changes and the dearth of new students entering our dojang. It really is much more fun to teach willing students. I suppose the bigger problem is student retention. Because I would like to think that I will be a lifelong student, I will always be on the look out for a new challenge.

There was a time when I would seek out schools and play the role of visiting student. This was always alot of fun, as people would sometimes as questions about the midnight blue trim and belt. These days, I do not get many opportunities to do so, but I miss it immensely.

Well today, I will get a chance to participate in our bi-annual seminar and Dan testing.
As I've mentioned previously, the seminar typically last roughly 2 - 3 hrs then after a short break, the Dan or black belt testing ensues. Our federation president, Grandmaster Saul Kim, leads the training session. I look forward to the nuances that he gradually adds to our training. Ho Shin Sul or self defense and the focus drills are my favorite. Unfortunately, I missed the previous seminar in March due to other traveling obligations.
I'm looking forward to our work out today. I have noticed that the economy has played havoc on attendance at our previous seminars. Hopefully, there will be new faces and better attendance. I will post pics as they become available.

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