Open and Shut Case?

Not much into pop culture, but I have to pause a minute and mention a few words about sad murder of Steve McNair. I remember watching McNair as a collegiate. In fact he was the first HBCU quarterback that was ever mentioned as a Heisman candidate. Actually, his chances of winning the coveted trophy were very remote, much like Jesse Jackson's '88 Presidential campaign. Nonetheless, it was fantastic for the Alcorn State athlete to get some shine on a national stage.
His Braves faced perennial Division I-AA powerhouse, Youngstown State Penguins coached by Jim Tressel and though they suffered a decisive defeat (63-20), McNair passed for roughly 500yds in the contest. I also seem to recall that he played through a great deal of pain (injured leg) and frigid temperatures. The YSU club plays in a stadium called the Ice Castle, my beloved Rattlers faced YSU in the same stadium and also suffered defeat, albeit a much closer contest.
Aside: I'm having a terrible time finding the stats from the YSU vs. Alcorn St. contest. If anyone can help me, I'd be very grateful.

When I fast forward to the shooting death of McNair, I'm left with many questions. How does a 20yr female get the courage to execute someone? 9mm handgun, fired at close range at both sides of Steve's head. There were two more shots to his chest from a slightly longer distance. This smells of execution style murder. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are some very grimy women in this world, but I have a very tough time believing that a female scorned at age 20 could display this sort of brutality. If the investigation showed that his genitalia mutilated then it would make more sense. Morbid indeed. Toxicology reports showed that McNair's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit, and the young woman had marijuana in her system. It would seem that some sort of amphetamine (ie cocaine, ecstasy, PCP) would give a very petite female the kind of courage it would take to splatter brains of someone all over an apartment. I just don't buy it. Conveniently, both are dead so the truth will only come from forensics.
More will be revealed over the next several months I am sure of it.

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