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I've finally refreshed all of the system templates. Essentially updated the old MT 3.x to MT 4.x system templates. Some of you have correctly pointed out that several (if not all) of my archive files had been broken for quite awhile. The truth is that I am not a styles whore, that is I do not find building CSS very interesting. Nor do I care much for themes. I'm an engineer who is more interested in the data and facts. In fact, if I could simply serve up a site that could happily be rendered by a lynx browser I would be happy indeed.

Theming and all that shyt never tickled my fancy, probably because it takes more time than I have at the moment. Publishing platform not withstanding, I tend not to care much about style points. I never blogged because I wanted to share pretty images with you ;-)

Nonetheless, I now have rebuilt the templates and dirify all previous entries.
Soon, I will also institute re-Captcha to address the random but annoying spambots. A number of very cool plugins now help me power the MT 4.x site. My diabolical plan is to "take back" all of my content which is strewn about the global interweb. Active Streams happens to be another very powerful tool that Six-Apart has unfurled and included for all movabletype properties.

After I have "re-claimed" my content, you'll begin to see most of integrated on the blog. Sorta like a one-stop shop for my social networks. After all this was how it was designed to be. I built my social network from the blog, as most of these other so-called web2.0 sites didn't exist when I began blogging in '03.

As time permits, I will continue to make the site more readable primarily for the odd occasion when people actually abandon their feed reader and scan the page outside of the RSS client. Perhaps, I'll even get adventurous and grab a different 3-column theme. These days, I did grow tired of the dark theme that I've had forever.

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