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I had the pleasure of visiting the new stadium for the Interleague matchup Yanks vs. Phils. Memorial Day festivities abound, I was also treated to umbrella at the ballbark. Though it was a great game, the Bx Bombers fell in extra innings 4-3.

The impressive array of Cisco networked LCD monitors caught my eye immediately. However, the severe latency problems also were quite remarkable. It almost reminded me of watching Kung-Fu theatre, as the audio lagged the video. I wonder what sort of video codecs they're using? Moreover, what sort of network pipe is Cisco using to push the data to probably 10K LCD monitors around the stadium.

Onto the less exciting stuff, the concession stands were plentiful and accessible at every deck. In fact, I didn't have to wait more than 10min for my nacho supreme - $9 ouch.. Once curious oddity was the you couldn't order pizza in nachos line. Basically, the food spread about the entire stadium, no consolidation here. Luckily, I pay for nathan at the ballpark. Err should I say , I don't pay for much.
Needless, to say I was not running all over the place to order food.

I got my mugshot snapped prolly twice by headz working for the Yankees Photo Program. Heh, perhaps they wanted to get some flava for their digital photo album. I was in the bldg for real ;-)

Though we arrived roughly 1.5 hrs before first pitch, I still did not see Monument Park. It seems they stop tours about 2hrs before game time. Try as I might, the new stadium has a very different feel than the other spot on 161St. Something about the old stadium. I miss the acclaimed facades that nearly encapsulated the upper deck. The new stadium seems to have toned it down significantly.

There was only on homer hit in the ballgame and it came off the bat of 1B big Tex.

My thoughts of Bombers 0-8 futility against the Bosox (thus far in 2009 season) will be forthcoming.

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