Declaration and CBP musings

As a quick business trip nears an end. I have to chuckle about border patrol. Probably spent a couple weeks preparing for a visit to Ontario. Not that I've not been previously, but this time I would be transporting a great deal of gear. I had planned to capture strain data for an experiment. Everyone schooled my on the appropriate paperwork and the meticulous detailed required for entry. I probably spent roughly 2-3 days recording all of the serial numbers of my test equipment and the test specimens. Clearly I was bummed when I arrived at the border expecting to be interrogated, when I was asked, "Why do you have these declaration papers?" Umm. I have stuff to declare.. Wow.. How funny is that..

The toughest question I answered was my rank. I haven't been asked this question since my military days.

I suppose that had not even bothered to fill out the paperwork, I would have been waved through without hesitation. Gotta luv that homeland security. I can see why we spend billions.

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