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Seven Pounds

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It has been awhile since this space has included a review of a recent film. I was not aware that so much time had elapsed between film reviews. Though, I have watched many flicks since this particular pseudo-review, I must state that this film hit close to home.

Without giving the film away, I would add that my takeaway was the idea of ultimate sacrifice, perhaps brought about by extreme guilt. Somehow, I get the feeling that Will Smith will soon be able to command the type of films that Denzel once had in his prime.

Anyway, aside from the weirdness of being able to impersonate a federal officer for what appeared to be several months.. I did appreciate the idea of the gift of life.

Definitely, will generate much eye moisture :) The film critics have not been very kind to this movie; however, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a film of substance and humility.

Not your Tyler Perry garden variety gibberish. I would suggest you peep the film and get the torrent.

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