Housekeeping - Cleaner Style Sheets / Rebirth

I've finally gotten around to fixing some of the broken style-sheets that have plagued my site since I upgraded to MT 4.2. To be clear there is still much to do, and I'll likely be working on this effort well into 2009. Nonetheless, I will be able to publish thoughts again and leverage the powerful new features of this much improved blogging publishing engine.

Never have I been confused as style nut, I never really stressed over how the blog looked. All I ever cared about was the data and the value/accuracy of the data shared. Some folks change their blog style-sheets like underwear, I have too many other more pressing matters in my life.

Besides, I'm an engineer/ geek technical person who doesn't give a damn about appearances. Just the data :)

I can't wait to begin using Action Streams, so that I can aggregate all of my micro-blogging content and begin to take advantage of the 'brand' which is BKAEG.

Will certainly share it as stuff develops. The nuff wayward netcast, err I should say not wayward, but certainly neglected netcast. For the record, 'AG Speaks' is alive. Despite those who might think otherwise. I do have some guests lined up and will shock the world with more insightful dialogue. I just need to finish setting up my shiny new Slamd64 workstation and upgrade my Asterisk PBX box.

So thx to everyone for your support and interest. Especially those that continue to subscribe to my RSS feeds.

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