A New Dawn

As I write this entry I realize that I could not be more proud to be an American. We have witnessed history of epic proportions. In truth, I have been waiting four decades for people in this country to understand that people of color can lead at the highest levels of government. Yes, Black Men have been ready to provide direction for quite sometime. Actually, I did not need an election to validate this fact. However, it does feel good to see this play out on a national stage.

Apparently the status-quo is no longer good enough for government work. Whether your name is Bush, Dole or Sunnuni your time is up. The GOP will need to regroup and reinvent. Unfortunately, Obama will inherit a mess. The economy is in awful condition and there is a huge mistrust in Washington and Wall Street. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that Obama's fresh eyes approach that will certainly be very different than business as usual.

Here are some specifics

  • Focus on Educating its People
  • Renewable / Sustainable Energy
  • Repairing Broken Health Care System

Of course I am not naive to believe that Obama is the messiah, but I do believe that he ready to lead. The change that we have been waiting for is finally here.

  • Participatory Government
  • Refreshing Economic Plans
  • The New Middle - Gov'ts Guiding Hands
  • How can we help our gov't?
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