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I intentionally let a month elapse since my last entry, as I was determined to upgrade my publishing engine and make some radical changes to the style-sheets.
Though the publishing engine has been upgraded to MT 4.2, I'm still playing around with styles. It does appear that some things are broken, as I am not able to preview the styles from the MT 4.1 Library. Below are the errors that appear when I attempt to pull in styles to review.

Error loading themes! -- {"error":null,"result"......
Additionally, I get a very nice core dumps caused by mt.cgi. I suspect these problems are created by a broken Image::Magick or Perl::Magick module. Once I get all this sorted out I'll share all of the sordid details. I can already appreciate the improved features and more sophisticated underpinnings of MT 4.x. It is magnitudes better than earlier versions of MT.
More on this later.

-rw------- 1 xxxxxx xxxxx 20426752 Oct 10 17:06 core.1000
-rw------- 1 xxxxxx xxxxx 25075712 Oct 10 20:04 core.14385
-rw------- 1 xxxxxx xxxxx 19509248 Oct 10 17:49 core.20653
-rw------- 1 xxxxxx xxxxx 25513984 Oct 10 14:51 core.25901
-rw------- 1 xxxxxx xxxxx 24383488 Oct 10 14:00 core.29407

Anyway, I'll be spending much of the day at the Ohio Linux Fest. I'm looking forward hanging out with my fellow geeks, and talking about FOSS. I expect to meet TLLTS guys and perhaps even Dave Yates and Chess Griffin.

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