6 Minutes of Fame

As part of the call-in segment, I made a brief appearance on TLLTS last night. I probably rambled on much too long, but it was good to talk the hosts. Actually, I'd briefly met Linc at the OLF last year. As mentioned earlier, Dann helped me out with a couple Asterisk issues that I had during the earlier part of this year. Additionally, he listed my netcast among the TLLTS community shows and it certainly increased my audience. It was good to thank him publicly. I also discovered that Pat was from Shaolin, err I mean Staten Island. Outside of Wu, I don't know of very many people from Staten Island. His accent is refreshing for sure :)

It also appears that I met a few friends on the IRC. Couple of headz from MI. and of course Dave Yates of Lotta Linux Links fame.

Regarding "AG Speaks".. The show is still alive, I am in the midst of rebuilding my workstation and cleaning up my lab. I would rather do the post-processing work on a faster machine. Eventually, I will share the specs of the new box in a future post.

Thx to everyone for your patience and interest..

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