Upgrade by Necessity

My venerable workstation has finally gasped its last gasp. Sigh* it must know that I rec'd my stimulus package. No better time than the present to replace the ASUS a7m266-D motherboard, as the system no longer will post. I've been running Slackware 11.0 on this box since 2003. First the NVIDIA graphics card TI-4200 failed about 2months ago, now the motherboard voltage regulator has failed. I'm glad that the BIOS is smart enough not to boot the system, and not damage the modded AMD Athlon XP.

Anyway, I now have a reason to upgrade the workstation to 64bit. I'll likely run slamd64, and experience the Slack 12.x goodness. Hopefully, I slamd64 has v.12.1 in its archive. Probably will put the older hardware on ebay..

Until, I get the workstation running again, I'll split time on both of my notebooks.

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