ODEO migrating data to new servers

If anyone of you are subscribed to my netcast feeds via ODEO, please do not panic. It appears that ODEO migrated the majority of their user accounts over the weekend. Unfortunately, they seemed to have munged my account, hence my shows are missing. I do expect the situation to be rectified by close of business (end of the work day). If the problem does not go away, I will inquire. Luckily I have back ups of all my content, so while it would be annoying it would not be a impossible to reproduce.

Thx for your patience :)

Per the instructions on the ODEO blog, I sent ODEO COO, Eric Rupert an email and he responded that there was a server outage. Perhaps this explains why my profile and all the subsequent channel data seems to have been ethered. Unfortunately, he offered no estimated time of repair.

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