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Some weeks ago I had listened to an episode of TLLTS, and discovered one of the hosts extolling about the virtues of Asterisk. So, I figured that I'd visit his blog and to my chagrin I could not find any helpful war stories. The hope was that I would be able to learn from his past experiences.
My previous struggle was putting together a working IVR and functional conference room within Trixbox. Both items are fairly trivial; however, I seemed to struggle mightily.

Well, I fired off an amusing email to Dann and he got back to me. We setup a time to meet on the IRC during the week. Once we connected on the IRC, I explained the issue was having with setting up the conference room. For whatever reason, I was under the impression that you needed to have a landline or at least zaptel card to setup a working conference.

He explained that although a zaptel card is not required, you still need to load the 'dummy zaptel' modules. Hmm why didn't I see that in any of the documentation. So I load the 'ztdummy' modules and low and behold... I have a working conference, complete with music and everything. So, I know longer have to use services anymore. I can do all that I need on my own Asterisk box. Dann and I probably spent an hour or more on the phone testing out the IVR and conference. He was even nice enough to revert his currently running slackware based asterisk box back to an earlier trixbox setup, so that he could recall the appropriate settings. I suppose he had hot swappable disk or virtual instance of Trixbox running on his server. TLLTS conducts all of its netcasts via trixbox, in fact, they were an inspiration for my setup. I too plan to conduct netcasts via my trixbox.

The entire experience brought me back to my earlier days working with folks in the Linux community. Each one teach one. Hack to you drop and then teach some other people to do the same. Mad fun..

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