AG Speaks Episode 014 - Sans Guest

It has been quite awhile since I published my very irregular netcast. Rest assured that it has not been discontinued. I simply have been distracted and have been struggling with infrastructure issues. Though disk space is fairly cheap, I do not have an infinite supply. A great deal of the space is consumed with email, which I'll likely archive and download to a local disk for safekeeping. My current hosting solution has been disappointing of late. More on that later.

Luckily, a buddy of mine from undergrad has provided me with access to a FreeBSD box. The plan is to archive my large audio files on this server and reference it from the usual places.

Because of the longer than usual time lapse, I have three shows to share with you. Look for them in the next couple of entries.

Update: *Sigh* The audio is a bit distorted, as I was too liberal with noise removal.

Download mp3 (26.09min || 6MB)
Download Ogg (26.09min || 9.4MB)


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