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AG Speaks Episode 016 - Ed Dunn

Conversation with search engine Fooky.com founder and chief architect. Soon after we ended the discussion, I realized that there were several questions that were not asked. Hopefully, I can get him back on the show for a Part 2.

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Ed's Personal site

AG Speaks Episode 015 - Brandon Moore

Heh, time shifting at its finest.
As promised the second of three shows that have been in the hopper for at least three weeks. My apologies to my guests. I will get better.

The topic of this discussion is Linux on the Mainframe. Brandon was gracious enough to share some of his first hand knowledge. He has worked with IBM for quite awhile and did his best not to get into any trouble in the process :)

We also veered off-track and began talking about ODF and the 700mhz spectrum.

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AG Speaks Episode 014 - Sans Guest

It has been quite awhile since I published my very irregular netcast. Rest assured that it has not been discontinued. I simply have been distracted and have been struggling with infrastructure issues. Though disk space is fairly cheap, I do not have an infinite supply. A great deal of the space is consumed with email, which I'll likely archive and download to a local disk for safekeeping. My current hosting solution has been disappointing of late. More on that later.

Luckily, a buddy of mine from undergrad has provided me with access to a FreeBSD box. The plan is to archive my large audio files on this server and reference it from the usual places.

Because of the longer than usual time lapse, I have three shows to share with you. Look for them in the next couple of entries.

Update: *Sigh* The audio is a bit distorted, as I was too liberal with noise removal.

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links for 2008-04-22

Slug Trevails

A couple of months ago, I decided it was time to deploy a robust backup strategy for my home LAN. The problem that I have is that I have exhausted the disk space on my fileserver. The box is running Slackware 8.1 (2.4.10 kernel). I had thought about installing backuppc on that box, but it required Perl 5.8.1, modern glibc, rsync, par and upgraded tar. On a very old and stable Slack box, upgrading Perl and glibc were show stoppers. I suppose a CPAN upgrade and install could've been possible, but upgrading glibc raised the hairs on my neck. Wasn't something I wanted to tackle. Borking glibc libraries could really screw up a perfectly good box. Perhaps there are slackpkg or slackbuild binaries for Perl, but I was not able to find them at the usual places.

Try as I might the under powered Celeron 300 MHz CPU was unable to compile Perl from source, in fact the machine quickly overheated and shut down. Installing a more modern glibc essentially required upgrading to Slackware 9.0, which I did not believe was worth the effort. So enter, the Linksys NSLU2 and the very compact and inexpensive (minimal impact on environment). This little device is just what I needed. I grabbed a 500GB external drive and proceeded to install Debian Stable (Etch).

One can find these devices on E-Bay for $50 - $70 US. Just another reason to give it a try, besides I really did not need an excuse to geek out on some new hardware. To install Debian on the Slug, it was necessary to flash the firmware on the device. Gotta give credit to Chess Griffin, as his very helpful and inspirational netcast inspired/motivated me to tackle this project.

Why Stroke everyone with same brush?


Recently triumphed over a nasty virus. Had me laid out for a couple of days. So last week I paid a visit to my primary physician. This dude is very opinionated, but I tolerate him because he is competent and convenient. Anyway, he begins to talk about Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick and his transgressions. Doc began to spew all kinds of negativity. Thug was mentioned and the common, "every black man should be ashamed." What is odd about all of this is that Doc is from the Middle East. So, the criticism is a bit hard to swallow. Basically, I resort to nodding and half-patronizing. Finally, I uttered, "You know I voted for the guy." The diatribe continued.
He then said, even the guy running for President is going to have a hard time. I'm thinking damn. Kwame fucked it up for everybody. Hell, I can't even walked the streets anymore without someone, saying another Kwame. Is it really that bad? Are black men truly a monolithic culture? I think not, but it is sad to see people trying to cram us into one bag like shake-n-bake.

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