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Now that people have begun to understand that Barack Obama is a very serious candidate for President, I thought it would be good to take share some thoughts I have been struggling with lately.

In truth, I had become very disenchanted with the politics, particularly since the debacle that was the last presidential election. I'm still smarting from that nonsense. However, I have decided to become part of the solution and bellyache about a broken electorate process. In reality, I still am somewhat disconnected.. Case in point, for whatever reason MI. delegates decided to hold their primaries earlier than prescribed by both parties; hence several of the candidates were missing from the ballots. Being the rebellious warrior that I am, I decided to write in my candidate.

To my chagrin, I discovered later that I was _not_ supposed to do this. Instead, I was supposed to select "uncommitted" on the ballot. Oh well, go figure.. I'll have another shot at getting it right come November. So I have decided to 'educate' myself by watching the primaries on YouTube.

There are plenty of interesting angles which for the coverage that you cannot find using traditional media outlets.

*Sigh* I struggle to re-create this post, as I accidentally lost all that I had written while trying to save the entry. I wonder if Anil has had a similar experience.. I digress.. Regarding the Youtube coverage. It would seem that it provides an interesting cross-section into the American psyche. That is it attempts to give you a glimpse into what average folks are really thinking about Obama and the other Presidential hopefuls. You still see race as a prevailing undertone, despite the fact that mainstream media has not really addressed it.

The Tavis Smiley interview raised this issue and a few others that have been on my mind lately. I would imagine that others have thought deeply about these as well. The media has labeled the euphoria surrounding Obama as mania. Judging from some of the YouTube banter folks are confused by Obama. Some have questioned whether he is Black. Indeed he is bi-racial (Father is African and mother Caucasion), and is rather fair-skinned. Some would probably go as far as to say he could probably pass for white. Now, to this I say ridiculous. However, I do wonder if he would be embraced by millions if he had the Nubian features of KRS1? Nonetheless, I have never heard Obama utter that he is Afro-Caucasion or anything remotely conflicting. He understands who he is an does not seem to worry about appeasing for the sake of mainstream appeal.

Another thought that I cannot seem to get out of mind. Obama's personal safety has also been downplayed in the media. Once again the interview touched on this subject. I cannot help but to draw comparisons to Jesse Jackson's run for the White House in 1984. Yes, I know that the effort was merely symbolic, but it was clearly a defining moment in my Generation X archives. Jesse had the full support of the FOI and the Nation of Islam under the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan. I am not clear that the Nation had offered to protect Obama, but I still worry about his safety. It is does appear that the Secret Service has been providing people to protect Barack. Yeah, I know that this is all so 1960's, but my vision is not blurred. I know what time it is. I still remember Farrakhan speaking in the aftermath of Jackson's scuttled Presidential campaign. I'll try to paraphrase here.. 'I know that during Jesse's run that his life was in danger, and I said publicly that if the brother's life were taken, he would be the last one you killed'... You're probably wondering, what the hell does this have to do with issues that matter most - Failing U.S economy ; Extraction of our military troops, and Balancing our Trade Deficit. Well, in truth not much at all. My only point is that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Yes, I am cynical, but history has only disappointed me. When I was a youth, I remember discussing with my friends the odds of witnessing a African-American elected president before a white female. All of us thought the chances were rather remote at best. The Obama's tenacity and outflowing of public support have provided many with hope. After listening to much of Obama's conversation, it has become clear that he very much wants to reduce the bureaucracy and flatten the government. It appears that bi-partisan politics will not be tolerated. It would not surprise me to see an Obama led administration publish a government wiki, which would take the top 5 ideas about how we could improve foreign policy. Now that would be innovative ;)

The odds do not look so dire anymore.
I have waited nearly four decades to see this coronation, others have waited 40 decades. I cannot predict the future but somehow it does look a bit brighter.

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