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Renewed Spirit



We had an outstanding Tang Soo Do seminar yesterday last weekend. Though the attendance was slightly less than our October meeting, I would have to believe that this one was perhaps the best in recent years. The late Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim used to lead all of our seminars and Dan(black belt) examinations. However, his son, Saul Kim has done a very good job of adding certain nuances to the traditional format. We typically conduct Ho Sun Sool (Self-Defense) and Il Soo Chee (one-step sparring), along with several basics (punches, kicks, blocks) up and down the training hall.


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Today I'll participate in another Tang Soo Do seminar conducted by the President of our federation, Kwang Jang Nim Saul Kim.
Eventually, photos and videos from my 3rd Dan testing will be uploaded to the usual places. In truth, I have exhausted my alloted disk space on my webserver. It could be time to begin looking for another hosting solution. I really need at least 1GB of space. Much of the space is occupied by my netcast content. The high quality ogg audio files are quite large. I am considering using a service like libsyn to host the ogg audio, I would then finally be able to have a permanent ogg feed.

Additionally, my MT publishing engine is very long in the tooth and it is time to upgrade. However, I won't upgrade until I get the disk space resolved and the feeds corrected. Perhaps, I'll get to this in the next couple of weeks. I do have a show episode (AG Speaks) in the cue, but I simply must sit down and do the post-processing.

We'll see how it turns out. I have just been pre-occupied with self-imposed deadlines that seem to slip on a regular basis.

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Participatory Government

Now that people have begun to understand that Barack Obama is a very serious candidate for President, I thought it would be good to take share some thoughts I have been struggling with lately.

In truth, I had become very disenchanted with the politics, particularly since the debacle that was the last presidential election. I'm still smarting from that nonsense. However, I have decided to become part of the solution and bellyache about a broken electorate process. In reality, I still am somewhat disconnected.. Case in point, for whatever reason MI. delegates decided to hold their primaries earlier than prescribed by both parties; hence several of the candidates were missing from the ballots. Being the rebellious warrior that I am, I decided to write in my candidate.

To my chagrin, I discovered later that I was _not_ supposed to do this. Instead, I was supposed to select "uncommitted" on the ballot. Oh well, go figure.. I'll have another shot at getting it right come November. So I have decided to 'educate' myself by watching the primaries on YouTube.

There are plenty of interesting angles which for the coverage that you cannot find using traditional media outlets.

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