Why Did I Get Married ?


Got hoodwinked into watching a genuine 'chick-flick'. Anyway, it is unlikely that I would do another such film. I had heard about Tyler Perry, but I figured his work was much like "Waiting to Exhale", so I was bracing for the worst.

I don't think the film gave me anymore insight to marriage than I had previously. The only difference was that the cast was comprised of actors who had virtually vanished from the front line landscape (ie Janet Jackson, Malik Yoba, Michael Jai White). Jackson's performance was particularly awful. She was neither plausible or genuine in her role as a psychology professor. In fact, I think the highlight of her acting portfolio was Jason's Lyric Poetic Justice.

It would seem that the producer did the very best to focus on the monetary wealth of the characters, rather than the essence of dysfunctional relationships. IMHO, the film was best suited for a much younger demographic. Ironically, the storyline would suggest a very mature theme. Go figure. It's Hollywood. Go get the torrent, save your loot.

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