Who are the Millennials?

People seem to come up with most interesting labels generations of people. My peer group has been classified as Generation X. Actually, I happen to like that term, as the memory of the magnificent Malcolm X re-emerged during the early 90's. In reality, that is not what Gen X actually represents to marketing types. The chart below compares some of the attributes of GenX with the Millennials (aka Gen Y).

Millennials and Gen X

It also appears that the marketing community has not settled into the exact year these Millenials would have been born. I have also seen 1977-1992 (courtesy of Brody Communications, Ltd.) During a recent trip to my alma mater, our recruiting team was briefed about the specific differences in this new generation group.

The idea was to make sure we knew what made these potential prospects tick.
Much of this humored me, as the Generation X (my generation) was said to be lost and unlikely to change the world.
Not by the marketing giants, but the media conglomerates and some disgruntled educators. Methinks it's too early to tell. Besides according to the book, Millionaire Mind, the best ideas typically come at 50. I am far from 50..

Anyway, getting back to this group called the Millennials. Curiously, I would not have met many of them without the help of the Internet and Social Networking. I suppose that this is not unusual, as I am no longer in school or living in area which is in close proximity to a university. Most of Gen Y people I have met have been very sharp and quite engaging. Are they as technically acute as the marketers suggest, I am not so sure. Suffice to say that they are very fortunate to have an abundance of computing power that simply did not exist when I was coming up. All we had was real Hip-Hop and crack rock :)

Since the marketers have made their assertions about what Millennials prefer. I figure that I should be entitled to my own.

  • Digg over Slashdot
  • Social over Anti-Social
  • Virtual over Physical

I am sure that I have got this totally wrong, but it was worth a shot..

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