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It appears that my most recent Intelligent Design segment is receiving a great deal of interest. I discovered the following while perusing my server logs startDate=2007-10-14&endDate=2007-10-15&account=73

Hmmm. So I thought, what would a good closet sysadmin do about this one? Well I scanned the box of the originating IP after following the URL yielded a 401 error. Nice set of FOSS tools on that machine.. I digress. Initially, I thought it was some sort of bot trying to be naughty. After further review and a bit of ubiquitous Googling, I discovered that a companies like Converseon and others are hired on a case to case basis to monitor blogs and other digital media. I suppose the effort is to help companies manage their digital reputation. I guess the Cluetrain Manifesto was correct. Markets are indeed conversations. Apparently the company which I showcased hired 'jdoak' to _monitor_ the conversation in this space.

So, I believe 'Jack' or Jake is playing the role of the embedded reporter ;)
Mr. Doak please introduce yourself to the community..

*Update* to the Krusell case, it appears that I will soon be receiving a more robust multiadapt design. Hopefully, many others will benefit from an improved plastic. Once I receive the new hardware, I will share my thoughts.

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