Ohio Linux Fest 2007

Couple weeks ago, I attended the Ohio Linux Fest in Columbus, OH. Unfortunately, I spent just one day at the conference. I drove up with one of my buddies, and we got hoodwinked by some incorrect Mapquest driving instructions. I really need to invest in a real GPS system. I completely forgot to bring my Delorme Earthmate GPS, I have not road tested with gpsd on my Debian Etch notebook. I suppose that in a pinch, I could have used the mobile Google Maps, but I am not particularly happy with the inevitable timeouts that seem to plague the EDGE network. So I toughed it out with Mapquest, and I was told to make a right, when I was supposed to turn right. The detour cost me about 30min. The ride was about 3hrs.

Upon my arrival I eagerly immersed myself in the goodness that is Linux ;)
The first person I ran into was Jon Maddog Hall, who briefly chatted with me as he was running to his next session.

I attended the following sessions:

  • Puppet admin tool
  • GNOME conduit
  • Birds of a Feather - Asterisk
  • Computing off the Grid - Jon Maddog Hall
  • MythTV - Jeff Price (Novell)
  • Software Freedom - Bradley Kuhn

I was also fortunate to run into a Django developer who was gracious enough to help me hack up a script to solve a nagging problem. I have attended five Linux conferences and I generally prefer shows which encourage discussion among the participants. OLF reminds me of the now defunct Atlanta Linux Enthusiast (ALE) show, which actually was my first Linux conference. Although, there were vendors, the main focus was the participants, there was no cost for attendance. The conference promoters allowed people to pay an optional fee in exchange for some special conference goodies (ie official conference shirt, lunch, nametag).

I especially liked Maddog's talk, MythTV, and Kuhn's keynote. In fact, I was given the mic to ask a question during Kuhn's keynote. Hopefully, I can get the audio and share it with you..

  • World Domination - LWCE
  • Who owns your data?
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