Murderous Row (Redux)

Great ballgame with a clear postseason atmosphere. Although the Yanks may not win their 10th straight AL East title, I do believe they sent a message to the Bosox.
The lefties in our lineup are driving the ball with authority. Unfortunately, Pettitte did not pitch one of his better games, but his teammates picked him up in a big way.

Defensively, there are some concerns for the Bombers. Losing Andy Phillips for the season is blow that could easily rear its head in the postseason. Although, Giambi swings a big stick, he is a defensive liability at first base. He demonstrated this on a big stage last night. Phillips was a great utility player that was a much tougher out than Doug Mientkiewicz. Nonetheless, if given a choice the punchless Mientkiewicz will only be used in the late innings. The question is how many defensive lapses can a ballclub overcome in a short postseason series? Giambi looked almost as bad as Sheffield did last season. Personally, I would platoon Giambi and W. Betemit at first base. Betemit has already demonstrated that he _can_ drive the ball and has decent plate discipline. Certainly not an easy out.

The game was enjoyable but there are still a few question marks. Pettitte will be fine, he just didn't seem to have much command over his location. I was surprised that Torre sent Sean Henn to the mound, as a Henn sighting typically spells doom for the Bombers. Perhaps Torre was attempting to conserve his best bullpen arms (Joba Chamberlain was not available) for rest of this series?

Anyway the rest of this series should be a grind for both club. This series could be another reminder that Bosox would be better off not facing us in the postseason.
Angels have a very tough pitching staff (Shields, K-Rod, etc) are tough, but the way our club is pounding the ball right now.. I like our chances.

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