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Typically I loathe having to go downtown and deal with the Assessor's office. With the advent of technology it would seem that we could avoid schlepping paper around. Yes, I'm and undercover tree-hugger ;) My neighborhood was selected as an NEZ-H, that is I can anticipate some tax relief for 2008CY. So I was requested to bring copies of my deed, application signed in blue ink, and driver's license.

Initially, I thought it would be easier to simply use snail mail to deliver the required forms. After speaking with people that had already gone through this process, I reconsidered my position. I imagined that I would probably spend 1-1.5 hrs in a long queue. You know the typical sweat box office, dealing with unhappy, and underpaid, city workers. I got down there on Saturday afternoon and was surprised to learn that the office nearly empty. No long line or irate patrons. Aside from the guy sucking on rib bones (apparently on lunch break), nothing unusual. I didn't even run out of time on the parking meter. Absolute nirvana I tell you ;)

It seems that the only reason they ask you to come down to the Assessor's office is to verify your signature. I am quite clear that city legislatures and the CIO of metropolitan areas could figure out how utilize OpenID or some other centralized authentication method to accomplish this feat. I would not be surprised if this already being done in more advanced circles.

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