A Beautiful Mind


Though this Ron Howard film was released several years ago, I had never watched it in its entirety. If you enjoy mathematics intertwined with a heaping of intrigue this will be a delightful movie. The writers of the film, A Beautiful Mind, did take a quite a bit of creative license in telling the story of Professor John Forbes Nash. As this very interesting entry would suggest. Nash had bouts with schizophrenia, which the film characterizes as both audible and visual, but in fact were only audible. The movie also highlighted Wheeler Labs, an upper-echelon research facility located on the MIT campus. Although Nash did spend time at MIT in the 1950s, there was no such lab. So, this too was debunked.

You gotta love Hollywood. Why Ron Howard et al, decided to take such liberties with Nash's story? Was he not very interesting? Nash made incredible contributions to Economics and was also a Nobel Laureate. Those facts alone would be enough to keep my attention. I suppose that mathematics and algorithms would be too boring for the average movie goer. What a shame. Despite the obvious "enhancements", I enjoyed the film. As crazy as it sounds, I was nearly fooled by some of the hallucinations depicted in the film. They all seemed quite real and plausible. Well, I guess Howard achieved his goal.

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