Road greys

I've always sported my road jersey, regardless of the city. Sitting amongst Tigger fans and watching very poor Yankee starting pitching is inexcusable. Mussina's career is done in Pinstripes. There really is no place on the Yankee roster for a soft-toss, back of the rotation, veteran starter. Clearly, Mussina will not reach 300 victories in a Yankee uniform or any other uniform for that matter.

You must be able to challenge MLB players with your best pitch. If you can throw that pitch for a strike, your days should be numbered. I fully expect Moose to either be placed on the DL or demoted to the bullpen. Though AAA should be a real possibility, Torre probably would not suggest it simply because Mussina has earned the right to remain in the majors. Tonight his fastball topped at 84mph, which is basically the velocity you get in the average batting cage. It was awful to watch that performance. Certainly glad that I didn't come out of pocket.

If the Bx Bombers are to remain in contention for a post-season birth, they must quickly address Mussina. Luckily they didn't really burn up their bullpen tonight.

Sean Henn sucked up enough innings that only Brian Bruney was used after the eighth inning.

The next 10-12 games will decide if one of the longest post-season streaks in MLB remains intact. BoSox and Mariners loom. Gotta stay close.

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